How many convictions can one man get?

I think there’s a time when the State should decide that someone isn’t ever going to be a decent person and lock them up for life. This guy sounds like a good candidate.

Police arrested a man a half-hour after a robbery at a BB&T bank branch Tuesday afternoon and charged him with that holdup, two earlier ones and an attempted robbery.

Why do I say that he should be locked up forever?


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3 responses to “How many convictions can one man get?

  1. The Obvious solution is to take your guns away! That’ll fix ’em!

    Man, the only way it could be worse is if he wrote one of his phony checks to the IRS on a tax return with “Criminal” under “Primary occupation”.

    Not that I think he ever filed a tax form.

  2. come on give the brother a chance. heh heh

  3. That guy’s first “offense date” was 5 days before I was born…and he just never stopped.