Always trust Erin Palette

I had a conversation with Erin Palette a few weeks ago about some unrelated role playing gaming information when she asked me why my blog had gone downhill. She was very polite and even anxious not to cause offense. It’s hard to be offended when a friend tells you what you already know. I’ve been posting Felons Behaving Badly stuff almost exclusively. Nothing original, just filler. I offered her some excuses.

There’s three things going on.

#1. I’m primarily a political gun blogger rather than a gear hound or a social blogger. The NC General Assembly is not in session.

#2. I’ve been distracted by gaming two nights a week at the new local game store.

#3. I’m a bit burned out. Not bad enough to quit or to want to quit, but enough that it’s not been a priority. You’ve managed to catch me at the point where I had already been thinking that I should focus a little more on the blog.

Oh, and maybe a #4. Facebook. I’ve been using Facebook to do some of the blogging that I should consider putting on the blog.

But these are just excuses, and the maximum effective range of an excuse is Zero meters.

So I resolved to do better. Here’s results of the last month’s efforts.

December Numbers

Pretty good, I’d say. I’m glad I took her advice and got back in front of the keyboard and started writing. Did you see that Adam Baldwin tweeted the #GunBullies story yesterday? That was sweet! It was a good end to a pretty good year. In the middle of the #GunBullies and @MomsDemand stuff my hit counter rolled over 500K. That’s just since moving my blog to WordPress.

A big surprise is that the post from April “Why you should never shoot all your ammo at the range” is doing so well recently. My dad tells good stories. It’s cool to see his story still getting some hits. I just wish I knew who had suddenly linked it. Go read it if you’ve never read it before. My dad was a gun nut before being a gun nut was cool.

So the moral of the story is, if Erin tells you that you should consider stepping up your game, take her advice.

12 responses to “Always trust Erin Palette

  1. She must like you, she suggested suicide as a way to make my blog better.

  2. I really like your new direction. I think you are doing some things I haven’t seen other gun blogs do. That’s great.

  3. No, Thag, I suggested you dress up like Klinger and sing “Suicide is Painless.” Slight difference there. 😛

  4. PS: I too like the new writing. Remember, despite the blog name, it doesn’t *always* have to be about guns. You must have all sorts of interesting hobbies you can talk about when you get burned out on gun politics.

    I know you’re a gamer; write about some of your games!

  5. I remember everything you said, blah blah blah suicide blah blah blah something something painless. 😉

  6. Related, I was wearing that hat with my uniform because it’s spring, sir!

  7. +1 and brohoof, Thag.

  8. Good advice is good advice! 🙂

  9. Also, more dog pictures would be good.

  10. Dude! Yes, that would rock. Perhaps get Dysis as a guest blogger?

    “An NC Dog Blog” ! 😀

  11. Ewwwww! Facebook?? You should see what that guy has done to Palo Alto, not that they don’t deserve every hard inch of it, but it’s a product I would never use – Google is bad enough.
    Anyhow Happy New Year and have some damn fun!

  12. Your gun bullies list stuff was great.