The Gun as Rorschach Test

You’ve heard the joke before,

A guy goes into a psychologist’s office and says “Dr, I have a problem.”

The doctor draws two small x’s on a piece of paper.”I’m going to draw some pictures and I’m going to ask what you see. What are these.”

His patient replies, “Two ants having sex.”

The doctor draws two slightly larger x’s on the paper. “And now?”

“That’s two dogs having sex.”

The doctor draws two big X’s on the paper. “What about now?”

“That’s two people having sex.”

“Ah,” says the doctor. “You’re obsessed with sex!”

“What are you talking about?” says the patient. “I’m not the one obsessed with sex! You’re the one drawing the dirty pictures!”

We’re gun owners. We’ve all had this discussion before. Gun haters absolutely fear and loathe us because we carry guns. They are so terrified of their neighbors carrying guns that they try to pass laws banning the practice. They get so angry that restaurants don’t ban law abiding concealed carriers that they print up their own “no guns” signs and post them without consulting the owners. And then they turn around and accuse us of being cowards, living in fear.

Firearms are like a Rorschach test. Show an Anti a gun and he’ll tell you how bad a mass murderer you are. Case in point.

It’s been 18 months since I stood in line behind the guy at the Safeway a mile from my house. He was older — in his 70s, I guessed. He wore jeans, yellow and red running shoes, a ball cap and a green lightweight jacket, the hood bunched up behind his head. Oh, and he also wore a gun.

It rested inside a tanned leather holster on his left hip, the rain jacket intentionally tucked behind the holster, it seemed, so everyone could see it. The gun had a black grip and a glistening silver steel back.

People were staring and moving slowly to other lines and no one even whispered, just shuffling away in silence, two women and a man, pushing their carts to nearby queues. There was, no doubt, a sense of fear.

I stayed there behind the man with the cat food and dog food and two kinds of cheese, a box of cereal and the black and silver weapon.

Then he turned and caught me staring at the gun. I felt awkward, scared maybe, and he said, “What’s up?” in a pleasant-enough voice, the way you would when seeing a friend.

“Just looking at your gun,” I babbled, having decided a split second earlier not to lie to him because, well, he had a gun.

And I did not — definitely did not — want to say what I was really thinking, which was: “Who carries a handgun to buy cheese?”

He never replied to my “Just looking at your gun” blurt and seconds later he had bags in his hands and off he went, to wherever guys go with handguns on their trousers on a Saturday morning in Colorado.

Oh, and I also remember quite vividly having this thought: He must be a nut.

Yeah, he’s the nut all right. You see a gun on the hip of a 70-year-old man in the Safeway. He addresses you very politely. You “babble” in fear. But he’s the nut.

I’m really losing patience with these crazy people. They can’t be bothered to deal with their irrational fear of their law-abiding neighbors. They immediately assume that all handguns are pointed at them. It’s like they have a guilty conscience. They know that I’m not going to shoot them unless they try to harm me, yet they fear and loathe me just the same. What were they planning on doing to me?

The more I consider it, the more I agree that it’s just a manifestation of their own cowardice. They fear, and they are ashamed of that fear. They can’t deal with the shame of that fear so they hate anyone who has learned to deal with their fear. Because as people who have dealt with our fear and have taken reasonable precautions against danger, our mere existence is a rebuke to them for letting their fear rule their lives. And as soon as they see or hear of a gun, that fear, loathing, and hatred spills out.

But we’re the ones drawing the dirty pictures.

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One response to “The Gun as Rorschach Test

  1. We sometimes call them gun grabbers and that is a misnomer as their phobia would not allow them to touch a firearm. For that they rely on
    those dark people with no fears to do their bidding. Such as it is for the gun banners.