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Literally ripping off the ATM

Three arrested in a smash and grab ATM robbery.

Surveillance cameras in the store show a van that police say had been stolen, crashing through the front door.

It took three tries before the machine came loose and the thieves could toss it into the back of a van, that then sped off.

And who did they capture?

Suspect 1

Suspect 3

Note how both are not only career criminals, but both have convictions for Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about our justice system, doesn’t it?

Another “not random” murder in Durham

Police think that they’ve got the only person involved.

Police have charged a Durham man with murder and ended a manhunt related to the discovery of a dead body on Linwood Avenue on Tuesday morning.

They thought that two people seen running away might have been involved, but they turned out not to be.



But at least we can take comfort that the killing “did not appear to be random.” That appears to be police-speak for “one criminal killing another criminal.”

I need a new Every Day Carry knife

I just got used to always having a knife in my pocket. Last night I noticed that it was missing and I couldn’t find it in my car. I think it must have gotten knocked out of my pocket at the dog park.

I need a replacement pocketknife. I had a Spyderco Delica 4. It was great, and I used it all the time to open boxes, cut stuff, even cut apples. Now I feel handicapped without it. I am considering buying this knife as a replacement.

DelicaIt’s the same exact knife, but with a purple handle instead of the weird tactical green, and it doesn’t have the serrations. I never really got much use from the serrations.

On the Book of Face people have recommended several other knives. I need to keep costs down (Unless some manufacturer wants to give me the knife). The other limiting factor is North Carolina law. I can legally carry an “ordinary pocketknife.” That is defined as

“small knife, designed for carrying in a pocket or purse, that has its cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by its handle, and that may not be opened by a throwing, explosive, or spring action.”

So, no automatic or “ballistic” knives. I can own them, but I can’t carry them concealed. I can carry an “ordinary pocketknife” in my pocket.

What I liked about the Delica.

  • It was a good size. I could go a bit bigger, but I wouldn’t want it to be smaller
  • It was easy to open one handed.
  • I could pick how to carry it. I carried it in my left front pocket, with the tip upwards. I could just pull it out, flick my thumb, and start using my knife.
  • It was pretty sharp

Some of the knives recommended so far

Any other suggestions? Anyone want to send me some knives to try out?

“My boyfriend stabbed himself” sounds suspicious

It’s hard to sell “he stabbed himself” as a cover story for killing someone.

A death first reported as a suicide has brought a charge of murder against a Raleigh man.

Police responded on Saturday to a 911 report that a man had stabbed himself at 4129-206 Lake Lynn Drive. The injured man – (Victim), 28 – was pronounced dead at WakeMed in Raleigh, according to police.

It’s not impossible to kill yourself with a knife, but it generally doesn’t look the same as a murder attempt.


And when you have a suspicious story told by a suspicious person, well, what would you think?

Where are all these guns coming from?

New Jersey has outrageously strict gun control laws. Since they’ve done so much to make it as difficult as possible to purchase guns legally, they naturally wonder where their “crime guns” are coming from.

Gun violence in New Jersey’s cities sent the state’s homicide rate to a seven-year high in 2013. Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Christie signed more than a dozen gun control measures into law, driven not only by violence at home but also by a larger national debate over firearms.

Yet like many places in the northeast, most of the guns involved in crimes here in Jersey come from out of state. So exactly where do New Jersey criminals get their weapons?

• The largest single source for crime guns in the Garden State was New Jersey itself, which accounted for 425 guns. But that’s only one-fifth of all the guns traced back to their sources, meaning that New Jersey is a net importer of crime guns. Jersey sent 196 traceable weapons out of state, mostly to Pennsylvania, New York and Florida.

• The majority of out-of-state crime guns came from Pennsylvania and five southern states known for their loose requirements for gun purchasing: North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, which accounted for 1,084 guns. Those states represent tributaries of what law enforcement officials call the “iron pipeline,” through which guns flow up Interstate 95 and into New Jersey, New York and other states where buying firearms is more difficult.

Well, it’s nice (and unusual) that they point out that “crime guns” are coming from NJ is much higher numbers than from out of state.  The reason they do is because the ATF makes it so obvious that even they can’t ignore it.


What’s even more revealing is this


And here’s something that they don’t address at all in the story. Look at the bottom right hand corner. The “time to crime,”  which is the time between last legal retail sale and recovery by the police is 13.83 years. Also, over 80% of all guns recovered and traced took longer than 3 years to be used in a crime. One which planet does an “iron pipeline” take almost 14 years on average to go from market to criminal use?

Final question. Does this trace list include all firearms recovered in New Jersey? Or just all firearms that NJ submitted to the ATF for tracing? Were there more firearms traced by the NJ police using their own firearm registration system? I’d be interested to know the answers.

The important thing to note is that the idea that guns are being bought in large numbers in PA, NC, VA, GA, and FL and then being raced up highway to be used by gang bangers in NJ is just so much BS. With an average time from legal purchase to criminal use of almost 14 years, the “Iron Pipeline” is just another attempt to demonize law abiding gun owners in free states for the crimes committed in New Jersey.

All ATF Data for New Jersey used in this post is located HERE.

For 2012 trace data for the other 49 states, go HERE

Are you an adult or just a sheep? (*Video*) (Language Warning)

I’m pretty sure that there are better responses to school shooters than lockdowns. Shooting them in the face with your legally carried concealed handgun has always been my favorite method, but for some unknown reason it’s not allowed. But if all you’ve got to deal with a possible roving madman with a gun is a locked door, then close the door and lock it. This is a no-brainer. Unless you are a teacher for Purdue University.

A surreal scene unfolded around noon on Tuesday. As a gunman shot an instructor at point-blank range in front of a classroom of students, some Purdue professors continued to teach class as if nothing was amiss, ignoring students’ pleas to lock the doors and turn off the lights.

“I’ll have the TA tackle him if he comes in,” joked Professor Rebecca Trax, according to Sami Menard, a student in her 12:00 Introduction to Accounting class.

Trax may very well have been describing the scene that unfolded in the Electrical Engineering building, where a TA was killed.

Look fuckwit, if some douche is planning on murdering my ass, you can bet that I’m going to close the door, lock it, and look for weapons to use to beat his face in if he breaks through the door. And I’m not going to ask your permission to do it.

This brings me to the point that absolutely mystifies me.

Students also reported that many other professors and instructors made no adjustments. The indifference was not unique to one department or building. Professors teaching in the Physics, University, and Armstrong buildings paid no heed to the warnings. Many students felt unsafe and wanted to leave, but felt they could not because of the shelter-in-place protocol.

If your teacher is not locking the door, get off your fat ass and lock it yourself. Every person sitting in that class (bar the occasional child prodigy) is an adult. Yet instead of getting up and making the right things happen, they allowed a teacher to tell them to do something stupid. And then they had the temerity to bitch about it later. NEWSFLASH: If you did something stupid because someone else told you to do something stupid, who is the stupid person? YOU ARE.

Get off your fat ass and do it yourself. How many problems would be solved if more people would just follow that simple idea. But no, they’ve been socialized to be good little automatons and follow stupid instructions from stupid people. It’s almost as if this was the result that the schools wanted, people too dumb to be able to see their own best interest and act in it. Because let’s face it, if people are too stupid to get off their asses, close the door, and lock in before a gunman comes and murders them, then they’re stupid enough to do anything. Like vote for Obama a second time.

Perhaps this video will help you. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever. You never know who will see it and say “Oh, damn! He’s right! I am an adult and responsible for my own safety! And I can even get off my fat ass and do it myself!” Stranger things have happened. (Language Warning)

Update: I corrected my incorrect spelling of Purdue University.

“Shocked?” What was he shocked about? That we read the bill?

The Gateway Pundit reports that David Remnick says Obama was “shocked” that he couldn’t pass gun control in the wake of Newtown.

David Remnick, author of the new nearly 17,000 word profile of President Barack Obama in the New Yorker, revealed in a podcast interview this week that a dispirited Obama told him that he misread the “moment in political history” and was shocked he could not get gun control measures passed in the wake of the December 2012 Newtown, Ct., Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which a lone gunman killed twenty children and six adults.

Yeah, that’s the Left right there. They wait until a gruesome crime, try to pass laws that will infringe the rights of the people who didn’t do it, and are “shocked” when we tell them to get stuffed.

What the hell has Obama got to be “shocked” about? Is he shocked that we actually read the bill? That we didn’t pass it so we could find out what was in it? That Senators are actually more worried about getting re-elected than infringing on our rights?

This is why we need to stay engaged. This is why we need to continue to read the bill and carefully explain to other Americans, gun owners or not, how these bills do nothing to stop crime and everything to attack our rights. It’s not even a question any more that gun control is designed as an attack on our rights instead of an attack on criminal behavior. Our job is just to explain each new attempt.

He’s already on the wrong path

What do you say to a person who acts like this at 17 years old?

A 17-year-old helped rob a Harris Teeter store on Jan. 7, robbed a man the day before and held up a Handee Hugo’s station last month, Raleigh police charged in arrest warrants.

It wasn’t a one off robbery. He was apparently involved in two more.

A black handgun was used in all three holdups, police said.

Suspect 1

and the person they already arrested

Suspect 2

Why are they not already in prison? Our 17 year old was already convicted of larceny of a firearm, but instead of getting a prison sentence he was given probation.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Johnston shooting

The Johnston County Sheriff gets his man

A Johnston County man was charged early Sunday in what sheriff’s deputies said was a homicide on the road where he lives.

Both of the men who were shot were from Spring Hope, officials said.

Deputies found (Victim 1) and (Victim 2) after being called about a shooting on Lake Barnes Road.

(Victim 1) was declared dead at the scene, sheriff’s spokeswoman Tammy Amaon said Monday.

(Victim 2) was treated and released at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh.

And who were the players in this drama?


Victim 2

I’m going to go out on a limb and say they weren’t just arguing about whose football team was best.

Dumped at Burger King?

Raleigh PD have arrested four in connection with a shooting death on Glenwood Ave.

(Victim), 21, was shot at 7000 Glenwood Ave. and then moved in a privately-owned vehicle to the Burger King at the intersection of Glenwood and Pleasant Valley Road, according to a police statement. Someone then called police at 8:50 p.m. to report the shooting.

7000 Glenwood is not a bad place. It’s on a main street in Raleigh, outside some furniture shops.

Suspect 1

And people wonder why I carry a gun in a place like… As if criminals will never bother you unless you go to a “bad” place.