#BullyMoms of Moms Demand Action will blame the victim

The gun haters will blame the victim, because in their mind, if someone could steal it then it wasn’t properly secured.

A Wendell man faces charges from Wake County sheriff’s deputies that he broke into a home on Ten Ted Road and stole three rifles, four pistols and $2,000 in coins.

Because letting people like this


roam the streets is perfectly fine, while owning a gun without putting it inside a $2,000 safe is completely unacceptable.

7 responses to “#BullyMoms of Moms Demand Action will blame the victim

  1. Your story makes no sense. What does this crime have to do with moms and who are mom bullies?

  2. It is quite simple, Wyant – the useful idiots of the Moms Demand the Infringement of Basic Human Rights blamed a NC state representative not a month ago for daring to leave her AR outside of a safe and “allowing” it to be stolen. One can only conclude that they will treat this situation the same by blaming the victim for daring to be a victim of a crime.

    In addition to being rather simple, the tactic is also quite disgusting.

  3. There isn’t even a mention of how the guns were stored. Before you go blaming moms maybe you should make sure they weren’t sitting on a front porch. With rights come responsibilities. Securing your firearms is foremost.

  4. Oh, look. It took her 24 hours, but here’s SarahAGV to tell us that for our temerity to own a firearm we are suddenly responsible for the illegal acts of a criminal who might steal them. I’m sure she also agrees that if a criminal steals her car, she’s responsible for his future crimes because she failed to properly “secure” her vehicle.

    In future, please don’t use fake email addresses Sarah. Otherwise I will be forced to require registration for comments.

  5. “According to a police report, Bret Ellmers’ said the rifle was left leaning against a gun safe the day before in the garage, which had been left unlocked. Bret Ellmers told officers he and his son had left the rifle in the garage after going target shooting.”

    While I agree that you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving your stuff on your property, even Rep. Ellmers was concerned that the rifle hadn’t been secured in the way it was obviously supposed to since they had a gun safe.
    The family also did the right thing and reported it truthfully without glossing things over. Something admirable in regards to modern politics.
    The MOMs love to take otherwise lawful activity and do there best to make it something shameful. They are actually a pretty good moral compass, because you can likely never go wrong by steering in the opposite direction that they want you to go.

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  7. quit giving this CULT OF MOMS a anymore media attention. they are a bunch of loudmouth women who know nothing what they are talking about