No firing squads for criminals

According to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, a Missouri lawmaker wishes to bring back firing squads as a method of execution.

When Rep. Paul Fitzwater, R-Potosi, signed his name as co-sponsor of a bill that would allow execution by firing squad, he was thinking of the victims.

That last minute or so of a murder victim’s life can be brutal: He or she doesn’t get to take a lethal injection to die, Fitzwater said.

“People look at inmates who will be executed as victims,” Fitzwater said. “But the real victims have no voice because they are gone.”

I think this is a bad idea. Not because I object to people who deserve it being shot. No, the real reason is that the firing squad is a military execution method. It should be reserved for military executions.

We should hang them instead. I’d be willing to go with guillotine if there the condemned expressed a desire to “spill his blood on the ground” because he felt his Mormon faith required it. But a firing squad is too dignified.

7 responses to “No firing squads for criminals

  1. I hear the new mix of drugs that Ohio used in its most recent execution left the murderer gasping for 25 minutes before he died. If Potosi is just worried about murderers shuffling off too gently, he should have the MO department of corrections contact OH and see if they’ll share their recipe.

  2. Christopher Scott

    What if the friends and family of the victim could choose to be on the firing squad after passing a basic marksmanship test?

  3. I like Ol’ Sparky myself…

  4. I like Christopher Scott’s idea.

    Alternatively, how about putting the handcuffed SOB in a room full of the family members armed with baseball bats and coming back in an hour to see what’s up?

    …Batter up!…

    Regarding Sean’s comments about firing squads, remember, they chose to hang the Nazis to make a point that they were criminals and without military honor.

  5. I personally think the long-drop hanging method to be the cleanest and most humane way to terminate a condemned human. Also once the gallows are built its very cost effective compared to many of the other methods used.

    Also as a pro-capital punishment person (and also somebody who is adamantly against life without parole for both humane reasons *letting a human rot in a cage for decades is NOT humane*, and for the justice of others *they need to be cared for by innocent people, and there is no recourse that can be given to them if they kill other prisoners who were not condemned*) I see nothing wrong with exercising the sentence with dignity, respect, and humanity.

    We’ve deemed they are not fit for society, and we are taking them out of it permanently, the LEAST we can do is give them respect as we carry out justice.

  6. You have more faith in the state than I do, weerd.

  7. Executions are not (or shouldn’t be) about vengeance or fear; they’re a declaration that the criminal can never be corrected and released to mke his contribution to society. Therefore, if this is to be done, it’s to the best if it is done as quickly and as impersonally as possible. Do it Soviet style: one shot, back of the head, one insurance round if needed.