Who treats his family and friends like this?

My wife is really sure that I’ll never hold her hostage with a gun. Why is that? Because she knows me. She knows what I’m likely to do and what is completely out of character for me.

Harnett County deputies crashed into a fleeing car in Spring Lake Friday morning and arrested the driver, ending what began hours earlier as a domestic dispute and shooting.

(Victim 1) said her boyfriend, identified as (Suspect), showed up at her home, at 28 Kelly Creek St in the Anderson Creek Mobile Home Park, shortly after 1:30 a.m. and became abusive.

“I woke up to him kicking in the door with a pistol in his hand,” (Victim 1) said. “When I saw the pistol in his hand, I started begging him not to hurt us.”

Check out the link. There’s dramatic footage of the car chase/crash.

He shot one person there, held the shooting victim and two children overnight. Then he convinced Deputies to let him get cigarettes and weed from his car. Instead he jumped in and tried to run for it. They shot out his tires and crashed into his car, and dragged him out fighting the whole way. Who does this?


Another story quotes the Harnett County Sheriff saying the suspect was high on drugs. There’s a shocker.

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  1. He’s lucky to be alive… Hope he goes down for a LONG time!