Dumped at Burger King?

Raleigh PD have arrested four in connection with a shooting death on Glenwood Ave.

(Victim), 21, was shot at 7000 Glenwood Ave. and then moved in a privately-owned vehicle to the Burger King at the intersection of Glenwood and Pleasant Valley Road, according to a police statement. Someone then called police at 8:50 p.m. to report the shooting.

7000 Glenwood is not a bad place. It’s on a main street in Raleigh, outside some furniture shops.

Suspect 1

And people wonder why I carry a gun in a place like… As if criminals will never bother you unless you go to a “bad” place.

3 responses to “Dumped at Burger King?

  1. The last I checked, bad guys will no more stay in the “bad part of town” than they will obey gun laws. Funny how that works.

  2. There’s been exactly one time that I’ve been close to drawing my gun, and it was at the gas station across the street from that Burger King…

  3. Also of note, this is very near the same area where the North Raleigh Robber abducted a female just a few months back, as well as an armed robbery at the Walmart behind the Burger King. Bad things happen in nice places all the time. It’s why we carry.