I need a new Every Day Carry knife

I just got used to always having a knife in my pocket. Last night I noticed that it was missing and I couldn’t find it in my car. I think it must have gotten knocked out of my pocket at the dog park.

I need a replacement pocketknife. I had a Spyderco Delica 4. It was great, and I used it all the time to open boxes, cut stuff, even cut apples. Now I feel handicapped without it. I am considering buying this knife as a replacement.

DelicaIt’s the same exact knife, but with a purple handle instead of the weird tactical green, and it doesn’t have the serrations. I never really got much use from the serrations.

On the Book of Face people have recommended several other knives. I need to keep costs down (Unless some manufacturer wants to give me the knife). The other limiting factor is North Carolina law. I can legally carry an “ordinary pocketknife.” That is defined as

“small knife, designed for carrying in a pocket or purse, that has its cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by its handle, and that may not be opened by a throwing, explosive, or spring action.”

So, no automatic or “ballistic” knives. I can own them, but I can’t carry them concealed. I can carry an “ordinary pocketknife” in my pocket.

What I liked about the Delica.

  • It was a good size. I could go a bit bigger, but I wouldn’t want it to be smaller
  • It was easy to open one handed.
  • I could pick how to carry it. I carried it in my left front pocket, with the tip upwards. I could just pull it out, flick my thumb, and start using my knife.
  • It was pretty sharp

Some of the knives recommended so far

Any other suggestions? Anyone want to send me some knives to try out?

15 responses to “I need a new Every Day Carry knife

  1. I carry a Kershaw Cryo and like it a lot. It has a 4 position clip so you can carry it any way you want. It is on the heavy side because it is all steel but I never notice it in my pocket. I actually like a little weight when I hold it. It’s not too expensive either, ~$30 on amazon.

  2. I’m quite partial to my Cold Steel Ti-Lite. Best knife for the price I’ve ever carried/used. It’s murder on the inside of your pockets though, because of the quillons. It also looks kind of like an old Stiletto switchblade. Still, it’s a very nice knife. Comfortable and usable in the hand, at least for the 4″ blade, and weighs in at around $40 off of anywhere that isn’t the Cold Steel website. You can snap it open and shut quite easily with one hand, and the quillions make it easy to snap open left handed even if it’s meant for right hand use.

  3. I never leave home without an old fashioned Case Stockman. It’s nothing fancy, but it does everything I ask it to do.

  4. I had a CRKT that I loved; not expensive, good steel, well-made. Might check out their stuff(no, can’t remember the model).

    Right now I’ve got a assisted-opening Kershaw bought at discount because no box, and dammit, the model’s not marked on it. Little more expensive than the CRKT, also good steel properly heat-treated. AND the pocket clip can be moved to whichever end you like.

  5. Skinnedknuckles

    I love my Delica with the Emerson Wave, but it does take some practice removing it from your pocket without having it open.

  6. I’ve got the Delica 4 with the Emerson Wave, I like it, but it’s replacement will be a Benchmade mini griptillian with the modified sheepsfoot blade.

    I wish Benchmade had a wave option.

  7. I too tend to misplace/”lose” pocketknives, Sean. I like the CRKT knives, and some of the Kershaw ones. The Half-Ton from Kershaw was nice, but a little too small for me. I lost it, anyway.

    I have been looking at the Spyderco CaraCara2:

    It’s a Chinese steel, yes, but it has a flat grind so I can keep it sharp with the regular application of just a strop.

  8. I was going to say that you cannot go wrong with a Kershaw R.A.M., but apparently Kershaw disagrees with me – they discontinued the line.

    I should have bought spares when I could, apparently.

  9. That looks a lot like the Spyderco Salt-series of non-rusting mariners’ knifes, but with a purple handle. Comes with a wavy or a straight edge and pointy or sheepsfoot – with a yellow high-viz handle. Also available with an orange handle different steel as the Endura.
    Always wanted to have one attached to my PFD when dingy sailing in case I got all wound up in the lines and capsized my ass..

  10. If I ever get back into dinghy sailing, it’s not a knife I’d be concerned about having. It’s a helmet. I once had the boom of a Laser hit me in the forehead so hard it knocked me out of the boat. Ouch.

    According to Spyderco’s website, the Salt 1 is just a Delica with a special non rusting blade. Comes in black or yellow, straight or serrated edge.

    I will definitely get the yellow one once I win the lottery and buy my dream sailboat, the Gunboat catamaran. I will give up gun blogging and sail around the world in a Gunboat. Or you all could just give me the $3Million for the boat and another million for expenses. I’m flexible.

  11. You mentioned that the knife can’t be spring operated, but what about spring assisted? If that’s legal, the SOG Trident mini is a nice tanto blade option that doubles as a belt cutter. It’s lightweight and fits my hand nicely.

  12. Matthew Carberry

    “I once had the boom of a Laser hit me in the forehead so hard it knocked me out of the boat.”

    BOOM! Laser headshot!


    The Spyderco Chinese Byrd Meadowlark 2 might be an option, as would the Tenacious. Better price points than the Delica, decent enough steels.

  13. The Gunboat cat is definitely the way to go around the world! Wonder what a down-payment and mortgage on one of those is?

  14. I don’t know if you can get that sort of mortgage. I’d necessarily have to be unemployed while I sailed around the world, so I imagine that they’d want cash on the barrel head. Only price I’ve been able to find is “about $3 million” for a brand new Gunboat 60.

    They make them in Wanchese, NC, about 2 hours from here.

  15. Sean, I’ve been carrying a Griptillian in my EDC rotation for several years and love it. 154CM steel, The Axis lock is rock solid and butter smooth and IMHO the best lock out there. Benchmade has 2nd to none customer service.
    Other favorites of mine are the Buck Vantage Pro in S30V steel with G10 scales. Nice solid knife that mods well and the heat treat from Paul Vos mean that the S30V hasn’t shown any of the edge chipping that you sometimes hear about in this steel.
    I’m also a big Kershaw fan, and if you are prone to lose knives as I sometimes am then you can get a pretty good blade that you won’t cry over if it goes missing. try a look up on the “Kershaw guy” he has a good line of factory blems and discontinued blades that are good values Have heard many good things about the Cryo which by all accounts is a “best buy”