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In the last couple of days I’ve had blog posts scraped and posted on without my permission. My feed says

The post (X) appeared first on An NC Gun Blog. If you see this elsewhere, please contact me. © 2008-2013 by the authors of An NC Gun Blog. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. Using this feed on any other site is a copyright violation. Scraping isn’t kosher.

I think that’s pretty clear. The douchenozzles at don’t seem to care where they get their content, relying on the “what are you going to do about it?” defense.

Here’s your answer. I’m betting that this appears on their site immediately after I hit post.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen shot of my post on their page


I had much a quicker response than I expected. I left a comment on the last post of mine that they swiped and got an email response.


I received you message “STOP Stealing my blog posts.” for

I put it with RSS from, I am very sorry that this makes a problem, please tell me what you like me to do, I can delete this post or I can credit you in addition to credits it has now.

Sorry for this.

My response

You can immediately stop using my RSS feed to put content on your page. You can also immediately stop using the RSS feeds of other bloggers. I’m now going through your site looking for other bloggers and telling them what you are doing.


Their response

I did stopped and deleted the posts I was sure that is why they have RSS to other people will post their articles and link to their sites with full credits.

The result? The entire category has disappeared.


Looks good to me. Other bloggers should keep an eye out to see if any of their stuff appears here.

What happens when both sides make a list?

I’ve sincerely wondered about this. We know that the gun grabbers (at least the government sponsored ones) are making a list. Should we make a list as well? What are the ramifications of making that sort of list? Who would go on it if that list was made?

The reality is that so long as we are left alone, we won’t start any trouble. To mangle a phrase, “We like our Constitution and so we’ll keep it.” But what happens if the war is brought to us? What happens if the unthinkable occurs and someone really starts trying to collect guns? I’m relatively safe here in NC. But the people in Connecticut are facing a State Police who have said they will conduct door to door confiscations. Should they stay in their homes and go down one by one? Or should they take the fight outdoors where they can choose the battlefield and the time and the targets? In any case, it might get a bit sporty in Connecticut soon. And by “sporty” I don’t mean fun.

One person has made a list. It’s the list of all Connecticut politicians who voted for the gun ban. They are mad at him, but all he’s done is tell them what is going to happen to them. If you’re late to work, you don’t get mad at the clock. If the bullets start flying, they will fly both ways. This isn’t a threat, it’s reality. No one wants this, but if it is forced upon us, we’re not just going to lie down and die.

I’ve said for years that the police and the government depend entirely on our willing cooperation. If they don’t get that cooperation, they will never be able to rule us. We’re too well armed to be bullied. We have to be convinced. It’s almost as if Marko was right.

I know that the anti-gunners will point to this and call me a terrorist. That’s what happens to people who are rude enough to point out that they are living in a fantasy world. They enjoy the fantasy that if everyone submits to government authority that everything will work out nicely. And I’m a big old meaniehead for pointing out that their fantasy is not even remotely possible. No one likes the guy who reminds them that their fantasy isn’t real. The reality is that attempting to enforce this law or any other law like it will cost blood. That blood will not be limited to the people in uniforms that the politicians send. Maybe the only winning move in this game is not to play.

Santa Cruz, California goes Shall Issue

Some of you may know that I have a brother who lives in Northern California. I visited him behind enemy lines in October of last year. While I don’t really like Santa Cruz, he’s just found out that the Sheriff has decided to abide by the Peruta ruling and start issuing Concealed Weapon Licenses.

Here’s a PDF of the letter the Sheriff is handing out. The PDF is hosted by a local training company, but my brother went down to the Sheriff’s office and got handed the same letter.

You’ve got to read the process to believe it.

Phase One (to be completed by all applicants)

  1. Complete and submit a Standard Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (Cal DOJ form FD4012). Do not include separate attachments for information requested within the application. Initial every page of the document.
  2. Based on current law, and in the absence of any applicable exclusionary factors, self-defense or personal safety qualifies as sufficient “good cause” for the issuance of a license. However, if the law changes in any respect, we may require applicants to supplement the “good cause” statement in order to retain any CCW License that has been issued based on the law in place at the time the license was issued.
  3. Submit three signed letters of character reference from individuals other than relatives.
  4. Submit proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to license for concealment.
  5. Submit two recent passport size photos (2” x 2”) of the applicant.
  6. Complete Live Scan applicant fingerprinting for CCW application (DOJ fees paid by applicant): or 454-3007 for more information.

Once the application package has been reviewed, the application will either be advanced to phase two or will be denied. In the event the application is denied, the applicant will be notified in writing.

Phase Two (to be completed only by those applicants successfully competing phase one)

  1. Participate in personal history interview.
  2. If directed: provide written evidence from a licensed physician that the applicant is not currently suffering from any medical condition that would make the individual unsuitable for carrying a concealed weapon. All costs paid by applicant.
  3. If directed: complete psychological testing by an authorized psychologist used by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost to the applicant many not exceed $150.00.
  4. Complete a 4-hour (minimum) course of training approved by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost of training is paid by the applicant directly to the approved trainer.


And you just know that the Sheriff will certainly direct everyone to get a Doctor’s note as well as a $150 psych eval. All of this just to exercise a basic fundamental right to bear arms.

Here’s a copy of the standard California CWL application.

So, on the plus side, Shall Issue CWLs in Santa Cruz, California. (75%-20% Barack Obama in 2012)

On the minus side, Fees, Fees, Fees! Because we can’t allow the masses to Keep AND Bear arms. That would be unthinkable!

I’m glad I don’t live in California.

Dead in Charlotte

One more shot dead in Charlotte.

Police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened Tuesday night in east Charlotte.

Police say it was drug related


Seems likely.

Family apparently has many dollars

Apparently the Family Dollar store has lots of dollars.

Two men were arrested Tuesday in connection with December thefts in Garner, one for an armed robbery at a Family Dollar store and one in the larceny of propane tanks from a Home Depot.

He made off with almost $5K.


Yet it appears that no one explained to him that he, as a felon, isn’t allowed to have a gun. Because people who are willing to stick a gun in someone’s face are likely to follow the laws against them having guns.

New site sponsor: NCSilencer.Com

Take a look on the new left sidebar and you’ll see an advertisement for NC Silencer.Com. They’ve agreed to sponsor the site, which is great, but even better they are going to spend some time with me over the next year helping me, and therefore you, understand more about the world of silencers. How to get one, which one to choose, that sort of thing.

I’ve spent some time talking to both Hank, the operations manager, and Eric the owner and they’re both great guys. They’ve both got huge experience both in using silencers, but also in dealing with the hassles of getting through the National Firearms Act process. Most silencer/suppressor/NFA dealers sell only a few NFA items over the course of the year. NC Silencer does it every day. Their experience shows in how smoothly they get through the process. They are in constant contact with the local ATF, meaning they know the laws so that your transfer goes as seamlessly as possible.

Check them out. Look at their website and if you have questions, email them and ask. They can get you any commercially available suppressor on the market, from an inexpensive .22LR suppressor all the way up to a .50BMG suppressor.

And make sure to tell them you heard of them from An NC Gun Blog.

Note: Some people get worked up about the terminology, Suppressor vs. Silencer. The device was invented by Hiram Maxim, and he called his invention a “Silencer.” You may call it anything you like. I will use the terms interchangeably.


South Saunders Street murder

A shooting on South Saunders Street in Raleigh has turned into a murder investigation.

The victim of a shooting on Tuesday night outside a South Saunders Street bar has died, and police have identified two of the three suspects in the attack.

So, who are the people involved?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2


It’s not exactly surprising that felons are much more likely to be involved in shootings than people like you and me.

Update: Raleigh PD says, via email, that they’ve captured their two suspects.

(Suspect 1) and (Suspect 2) were taken into custody early today in Petersburg, Va., after members of the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division developed information concerning their location. With the assistance of local authorities, the suspects were arrested without further incident at a motel where they had been staying. The suspects remain in Virginia pending extradition.


Who attacks the police?

It’s a dangerous world, filled with dangerous people. Sometimes they decide they want to ram cop cars.

A man fleeing the scene of a reported domestic assault ran head-on into a marked police car on Poole Road on Monday, then seriously injured two other officers as he resisted arrest, according to police reports.

First he violates a restraining order and makes death threats against someone and then he attacks the cops.


Not you, not me, not your neighbor. Violent criminals are almost always prior criminals.

Triple murder in Concord

Who does this?

A witness to last week’s triple homicide told police her mother was shot to death in front of her.

It is probably a domestic violence incident, according to the story.


Don’t forget that felons have families too.

Death leads to upgraded charges in Alexander County

Some people should not be allowed to roam freely.

A woman who was assaulted with a deadly weapon succumbed to her injuries on Monday , according to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office.

They’ve upgraded the charges from Assault With a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Kill, Inflicting Serious Injury to Murder 1.


Looking at his record makes me wonder what made anyone think he could be trusted to live freely among us.