Home invasion in Durham

I carry a gun at home because studies have shown that greater than 95% of all home invasions occur at home.

Police reported Saturday they have arrested two men in connection with a Monday night home invasion in northwest Durham.

And who did they arrest?

Suspect 1

Don’t think that means Suspect 2 was a choir boy.

(Suspect 2) was convicted of drug possession in 2011. He was put on $500,000 bond.

I just couldn’t find his record in the DOC database

4 responses to “Home invasion in Durham

  1. robertsgunshop

    I don’t generally carry at home. However, my carry gun is right here within reach of my left hand as I type this. If I go downstairs to the shop area, well, there’s more loaded guns than a person can use. The M4 is Bbl down, 30 round mag inserted within easy reach of the workbench. The Ithica 12 Ga is loaded with #1 buckshot and standing duty behind the bedroom door. I have been thinking about stashing a small handgun in the bathroom. It seems that during home invasions, this is where they put people.

  2. I thought 100% of home invasions occurred at home.
    Kinda like 100% of all jailbreaks occurred at jails.

  3. 100% is “greater than 95%,” isn’t it?

  4. If I’m not asleep or in the shower, my gun is on me.