What happens when both sides make a list?

I’ve sincerely wondered about this. We know that the gun grabbers (at least the government sponsored ones) are making a list. Should we make a list as well? What are the ramifications of making that sort of list? Who would go on it if that list was made?

The reality is that so long as we are left alone, we won’t start any trouble. To mangle a phrase, “We like our Constitution and so we’ll keep it.” But what happens if the war is brought to us? What happens if the unthinkable occurs and someone really starts trying to collect guns? I’m relatively safe here in NC. But the people in Connecticut are facing a State Police who have said they will conduct door to door confiscations. Should they stay in their homes and go down one by one? Or should they take the fight outdoors where they can choose the battlefield and the time and the targets? In any case, it might get a bit sporty in Connecticut soon. And by “sporty” I don’t mean fun.

One person has made a list. It’s the list of all Connecticut politicians who voted for the gun ban. They are mad at him, but all he’s done is tell them what is going to happen to them. If you’re late to work, you don’t get mad at the clock. If the bullets start flying, they will fly both ways. This isn’t a threat, it’s reality. No one wants this, but if it is forced upon us, we’re not just going to lie down and die.

I’ve said for years that the police and the government depend entirely on our willing cooperation. If they don’t get that cooperation, they will never be able to rule us. We’re too well armed to be bullied. We have to be convinced. It’s almost as if Marko was right.

I know that the anti-gunners will point to this and call me a terrorist. That’s what happens to people who are rude enough to point out that they are living in a fantasy world. They enjoy the fantasy that if everyone submits to government authority that everything will work out nicely. And I’m a big old meaniehead for pointing out that their fantasy is not even remotely possible. No one likes the guy who reminds them that their fantasy isn’t real. The reality is that attempting to enforce this law or any other law like it will cost blood. That blood will not be limited to the people in uniforms that the politicians send. Maybe the only winning move in this game is not to play.

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  2. You know how we kid around about how ‘If you’re not on a list, you’re doing it wrong’?

    Politicians need to know that that works both ways …

  3. Speaking of idiots and jerks…

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  5. Here’s some video from Oakland … without the willing cooperation of the population, the police are powerless.


  6. robertsgunshop

    At the top of a list should be every gun hating politician, from the lowest city/town council all the way to the top. They are called “targets of opportunity”. Once politicians start finding out that they will never be safe, they might get the hint. Especially when we let them know that we know where they live. Fear is a very effective tool. That goes for the cops too, they have to live around they people that they are going to raid and possibly kill. That’s not a good plan for survival.

    As for Conn., they have made their bed and now like it or not they are going to have to lie in it. There are those demanding that the scofflaws be rounded up, arrested and caged. The problem with their plan is the fact that they will run out of cops a long time before they run out of jail cells.

    After the first raid, the “scofflaws” won’t be home when the coppers show up. They will be out in the weeds and trees, making short work of some SWAT team. I know that’s what I would be doing. I damn sure wouldn’t be a sitting target.

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  8. theBuckWheat

    One option that needs to be said loudly to people in government: if you start to realize that the Constitution you took an oath to defend and the Constitution your superiors tell you are obligated to defend seem to be two different documents, then ask yourself: did you take an Oath to defend what they tell you to defend or what you can plainly read for yourself?

    Who are you going to believe, your lying boss or your own eyes?

  9. I think if you are in CT it’s time to make a list. You have to be prepared. Will you stand and fight or will you accept your chains? You have to let them make the first move, let them take the first shot. You have to let them show how far they will go. You can warn them, but they must hang themselves.

    This is a delicate situation. I never thought we would be this close to fighting. I’m worried what CT will do. I’m hoping the Courts will save us, but I’m not counting on it. They seem to go out of their way to ignore the Constitution.

  10. “What happens if the unthinkable occurs and someone really starts trying to collect guns?”

    And their owners killed or wounded and incarcerated in the process?

  11. “That blood will not be limited to the people in uniforms that the politicians send.”

    “And as long as your soldiers attack civilians, I will order the shooting of officers at the outset of every engagement, and my men are excellent marksmen.” – Protagonist Benjamin Martin to Lord Cornwallis, “The Patriot”

  12. we the people of this once great country will stand behind you gun owners of CT 100% pack your bags and guns, its time to go

  13. Don’t forget the 5th column: members of the 4th estate. The MSM is part and parcel to the politicians pushing these policies. The 4th estate enjoys extra-constitutional privileges we don’t (David Gregory, for example).