Santa Cruz, California goes Shall Issue

Some of you may know that I have a brother who lives in Northern California. I visited him behind enemy lines in October of last year. While I don’t really like Santa Cruz, he’s just found out that the Sheriff has decided to abide by the Peruta ruling and start issuing Concealed Weapon Licenses.

Here’s a PDF of the letter the Sheriff is handing out. The PDF is hosted by a local training company, but my brother went down to the Sheriff’s office and got handed the same letter.

You’ve got to read the process to believe it.

Phase One (to be completed by all applicants)

  1. Complete and submit a Standard Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (Cal DOJ form FD4012). Do not include separate attachments for information requested within the application. Initial every page of the document.
  2. Based on current law, and in the absence of any applicable exclusionary factors, self-defense or personal safety qualifies as sufficient “good cause” for the issuance of a license. However, if the law changes in any respect, we may require applicants to supplement the “good cause” statement in order to retain any CCW License that has been issued based on the law in place at the time the license was issued.
  3. Submit three signed letters of character reference from individuals other than relatives.
  4. Submit proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to license for concealment.
  5. Submit two recent passport size photos (2” x 2”) of the applicant.
  6. Complete Live Scan applicant fingerprinting for CCW application (DOJ fees paid by applicant): or 454-3007 for more information.

Once the application package has been reviewed, the application will either be advanced to phase two or will be denied. In the event the application is denied, the applicant will be notified in writing.

Phase Two (to be completed only by those applicants successfully competing phase one)

  1. Participate in personal history interview.
  2. If directed: provide written evidence from a licensed physician that the applicant is not currently suffering from any medical condition that would make the individual unsuitable for carrying a concealed weapon. All costs paid by applicant.
  3. If directed: complete psychological testing by an authorized psychologist used by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost to the applicant many not exceed $150.00.
  4. Complete a 4-hour (minimum) course of training approved by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost of training is paid by the applicant directly to the approved trainer.


And you just know that the Sheriff will certainly direct everyone to get a Doctor’s note as well as a $150 psych eval. All of this just to exercise a basic fundamental right to bear arms.

Here’s a copy of the standard California CWL application.

So, on the plus side, Shall Issue CWLs in Santa Cruz, California. (75%-20% Barack Obama in 2012)

On the minus side, Fees, Fees, Fees! Because we can’t allow the masses to Keep AND Bear arms. That would be unthinkable!

I’m glad I don’t live in California.

5 responses to “Santa Cruz, California goes Shall Issue

  1. Eventually, if a person can prove standing to challenge the prohibitive nature of the fees, they will have to be revisited.

    If it can be shown that they amount to an insurmountable economic burden to the exercise of a fundamental right (such as poll taxes, for example, used to obstruct the disadvantaged and minorities from voting), the authorities will be judicially ordered to revise them downward.

  2. Barry: I think that you’re correct. Peruta was very narrowly argued. They specifically didn’t attempt to argue the licensing itself, just the “Good Cause” section. Good Cause was all the wiggle room necessary to allow Sheriffs to say “NO” to anyone they wished.

    Now that Peruta says “Bear arms means for everyone,” the State of California will have to fight in court over whether the process of getting a CWL amounts to a substantial burden on the right described in Peruta.

  3. And here in Arizona all we have to decide is which firearm we want to carry that day!

  4. “Submit proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to license for concealment.”

    hmm…I think there’s another something a bit bigger than fees on the minus side.

  5. Larry: California has total firearms registration already. That shop sailed a long time ago.