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The #BullyMoms of @MomsDemand Action are Sad Pandas today

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper dashed the hopes of Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. today.

Domestic violence claimed 108 lives in North Carolina in 2013, according to a report released by the state Department of Justice on Monday.

That’s 14 fewer domestic violence homicides than the year before. That coincides with a 6.9 percent drop in all homicides nationwide during the first six months of 2013, according to the FBI. Final North Carolina crime statistics for 2013 will be available later this year.

While you and I will rejoice that crime, especially domestic violence homicides, are down, the Demanding Mommies are going to be really upset. They need dead bodies. They need an increasing crime rate. They can’t keep telling us that everyone (especially women) is in extreme danger if the crime rate keeps falling.

Unexpectedly, crime rates are down even though gun ownership is up and Concealed Handgun Permits are up (375,000 CHPs as of October 1, 2013). It’s completely inconceivable!

The anti-gun harridans of the Women’s (non)Christian Temper Tantrum Union are going to have a hard time convincing everyone to give up the Demon Gun when our world is getting safer every day.

You can read the NCDOJ report HERE.

Wrong place, wrong time?

They will always say that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A woman who was shot and killed in front of a Baptist church late last month was hit by a bullet meant for someone else, Durham police said Monday.

But it sounds to me like the killer was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He should have been in prison.


They had him earlier, but someone lacked the intestinal fortitude to put him behind bars. He walked away from his probation and remained on the street.

(Suspect) was convicted in Durham last June of having a gun as a convicted felon and was given a suspended sentence and put on two years’ probation. State probation officers listed him as an absconder since then.

In February 2011, (Suspect) was convicted in Granville County of carrying out unarmed robberies in February and September 2010, state prison records show. He served 32 months in prison for those felonies, the records state.

Why do they bother doing “background checks” when they don’t even bother punishing the felons they catch with guns? It’s almost as if they only intend to harass the law abiding while ignoring the criminals.

Shooting without hearing protection

You’ve got to wear hearing protection while you shoot, right? Gunfire will destroy your hearing!

What if I told you I spent all day yesterday on the range and only wore hearing protection for about 30 minutes? And I mean ALL DAY. I started at 10am and didn’t get done until 5pm. That’s because I was at the Silencer Shoot at Durham Rifle and Pistol Club.

I was the range safety officer for NCSilencer.Com. Eric and Hank, along with two other friends of theirs, manned the sales booth and so I took over as range safety, as keeping people from accidentally pointing guns at each other is about the limit of my expertise with silencers.

I did get to shoot several different guns. I brought my rifle and put a Varminter 2.0 silencer in .223 on it. That was fun. It cut down the blast to the point that I could shoot it outdoors without any real problem. You would not believe how loud it is when a 55 grain bullet impacts an 8 inch plate at 75-100 yards. There’s no gentle “ting” when it hits. It sounds like something getting hit with a giant club. The energy is tremendous.

A particular favorite was the AR-15 style short barreled rifle in 9mm. It was a 3.5″ barrel with an Octane 9 suppressor. It was the perfect house gun. It was very short, with about a total of 11 inches of “barrel” length and a  collapsible AR stock. It fired 9mm bullets from a Colt SMG stick mag as fast as you could pull the trigger. I want one of these as a home defense rifle. Fill it with 147gr +P hollowpoints and anyone breaking into your house will have a Very Bad Day™.

9mmSBR2(yes, that is that small)

Hank, who owned the gun, teased us for trying to shoot the 6 inch falling plates at 120 yards. The 8 inch plates closer up were just too easy. It was pretty interesting how we could hand that SBR to a slightly built young woman and she could easily hit an 8 inch plate at 70-100 yards with it, but she had terrible trouble hitting a full sized silhouette at 15 yards with the suppressed Glock 17 shooting the exact same bullets.

The closest gun to the stereotypical movie silenced gun was the suppressed Ruger .22/45 with a mini red dot sight on it. It was like shooting a staple gun. I might say it was a great Bond villain gun but it’s hard to pretend to be a villain when you’ve got a big silly grin on your face.

I didn’t shoot the suppressed Tavor, but I also didn’t like it much. It was pretty brutal. The Tavor was the only rifle that made me put hearing protection on. It also sprayed shooters in the face with gas and carbon.

How good are modern suppressors? I calmly stood behind three different people shooting full power .308 Win bolt guns calling their shots as they tried to hit 6 inch falling plates at 120 yards. We could speak in normal voices as people next to us were blazing away with 9mm and .45 ACP suppressed pistols. I liked it so much that I’ve put in my order. I will be getting a .30 caliber Varminter 2.0 to put on my AR. It works just fine with my 5.56 as long as I use an adapter, and when I get a 300 Blackout barrel I can use it for deer hunting. It’s also rated up to .300 WinMag, so if I ever get a big bolt gun I can use this suppressor.

Thanks to both Eric and Hank at NC for inviting me along. If you’d like to find out more about suppressors, check out their website.

Non-random shooting

What sort of lives lead to this?

Police arrested a suspect in a Friday-night shooting in North Raleigh that left one man dead.

A killer in jail awaiting trial and his victim dead in the street with a bullet in his head.



Oh, that sort of life.

USS Mahan shooter was convicted felon in NC

He wasn’t eligible to own a firearm, but he had a TWIC card.

The credential Savage used to gain access — a Transportation Worker Identity Credential — is issued by the Transportation Security Administration and is valid for five years. In the news release, the Navy said the card alone doesn’t authorize base access. People also have other documents to gain entry, including a manifest of items to be delivered or a receipt indicating an item to be picked up, said Beth Baker, a spokeswoman for the Norfolk-based Navy Region Mid-Atlantic.

People with criminal records for certain crimes are allowed to have a TWIC card, as long as they have been out of prison for at least 5 years, according to TSA’s website. However, applicants can also apply for a waiver.

He apparently went up onto the ship, disarmed the Petty Officer of the Watch and used the gun to shoot a MA2 Mark Mayo.


People who view aggressive violence as a way to solve their personal problems generally identify themselves long before their first murder.

It won’t bring him back, but the Navy is calling MA2 Mayo a hero for his actions.

ICS_Bravo.svg ICS_Zulu.svg ICS_Mike.svg ICS_Alpha.svg 600px-ICS_Yankee.svg ICS_Oscar.svg

No doubt some old signalman will be along presently to tell me that this former MM2 did the signal flags wrong.

BZ Mayo.


Domestic violence murder in Marshville

This is why the Moms are Demanding Action.

The husband of a woman found dead in a car on a Marshville street has been charged with first-degree murder.

Another law abiding gun owner who followed every law right up until he pulled the trigger?


Oh, a felon.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Fourteen hour crime spree

How long does it take to prove you have zero respect for society’s rules?

Durham police arrested (Suspect) March 5 after a foot chase that followed a robbery at a Dollar General store, and by Tuesday they had obtained warrants charging him with two gunpoint crimes on March 4 and three on the day they captured him.

Police said the spree took place in about 14 hours.

Who runs about, robbing people at gunpoint?


People who long ago decided not to live an honest life.

Multi-state crime wave

Not only is he polluting our state, he’s down in Georgia ripping them off as well.

A man for whom Durham sheriff’s deputies went looking because he is wanted in Georgia is now wanted in Durham, too, after they found stolen guns, more than 20,000 prescription pills, counterfeit money and $10,000 in real cash at the house where they had hoped they would find him, officials said Thursday.

He was ripping off pharmacies in Georgia. Who knows where he got the guns.


He must know that it’s illegal for felons to have guns.

Michael Bloomberg Demands Action

Take one billionaire former New York City mayor with a Napoleon complex, dress him in drag, and what do you get? “Moms” Demand Action for Gunsense in America. We’ve already been told that Moms Demand has “merged” with MAIG. But did you know that they’ve finally announced that they are just a “campaign” of MAIG? Here’s their “donate” page. Look closely at how they describe themselves and where they ask you to send the checks.


They’ve finally admitted what we all knew from the get go. “Moms” Demand Action is, and always has been just another front group for Nanny Bloomberg’s overweening pride.

Moms Demand Action has continued to hold protests at the district offices of lawmakers they believe are persuadable. (Their specialty is the “stroller jam,” where moms with strollers and small kids cluster in a corridor or office to make their presence felt.) Bloomberg is assisting this effort by covering travel costs and helping groups bring on family members and survivors as full-time staff.

The billionaire gun hater and scold demands that we give up our guns. He saw a “stay at home mom” and former corporate communications executive for Monsanto running a Facebook page against guns and thought to himself, “My anti-gun mayors are getting put in jail. My other mayors are realizing that by ‘illegal guns’ I actually mean ‘all guns’ and are abandoning me. I could give these women some of my petty cash and spend the rest of my life hiding behind their petticoats.” And so he rummaged around in his pants pockets, pulled out more money than you and I together have ever seen in one place, and bought himself some feminine human shields. Allegedly baby carrying feminine human shields.

Do not be fooled. This is a slick corporate campaign run from the top down by slick corporate communications professionals. The money that Nanny Bloomberg paid for Moms Demand was money well spent, because without at least the appearance of grass roots, even their media allies will have to admit that it’s just an obnoxious billionaire trying to impose his will on the rest of us.

Moms Demand claims 10 full time staff members in North Carolina alone. If they managed to convince these Moms to work for just $25,000 a year that’s still a quarter of a million dollars a year just in salaries. And can you imagine their leader her in NC, the far left activist and PhD degreed Kaaren Haldeman working for just $25K a year and no benefits?

This is Nanny Bloomberg’s stock in trade. He uses his money to attack our rights while surrounding himself with cannon fodder. He uses guards armed with guns to ward off physical assault and women armed with babies to ward off criticism. Without his cash, the whole gun control movement would have imploded already, and even without matching funds, we’re still beating him. What could we do with real money? Where are the pro-gun millionaires and billionaires? Why aren’t they opening their checkbooks and helping the rest of us counter this guy?

If you have a lot of money and live in North Carolina, don’t give your money to the NRA. Give it to Grass Roots North Carolina. GRNC does all the work that the NRA takes credit for around here. And even if you don’t have a lot of money, spend the $30 and become a member. Then volunteer. None of us gets a salary, unlike the hired guns (pun intended) over at Moms Demand. We need the help. Without you, how can we counter 10 full-time Bloomberg employees?

Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc.

Why didn’t he get a long prison sentence?

I can only hope that the judge learned his/her lesson on this.

Police say a 15-year-old who was shot in the face Monday evening has died of his injuries.

Why the judge? Study this carefully.


Look at what happened to him on January 27th of this year. He was convicted of “assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury” and “robbery with a dangerous weapon.” According to the story, he “was also arrested in Durham in 2012 after a shooting that left a man wounded.”

So this clown robbed and shot a man on May 17th of last year, was convicted of both crimes January 27th of this year, and was free to run about shooting 15 year olds in the face on March 10th. How is that possible? According to “A Citizen’s Guide to Structured Sentencing (PDF),” a Class E Felony (AWDWISI) has a presumptive sentence of 20-25 months in prison, and a Class D Felony(Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon) has a presumptive sentence of 51-64 months. At a bare minimum he should have been in prison for over 4 years!

This is why I carry a gun.