Why didn’t he get a long prison sentence?

I can only hope that the judge learned his/her lesson on this.

Police say a 15-year-old who was shot in the face Monday evening has died of his injuries.

Why the judge? Study this carefully.


Look at what happened to him on January 27th of this year. He was convicted of “assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury” and “robbery with a dangerous weapon.” According to the story, he “was also arrested in Durham in 2012 after a shooting that left a man wounded.”

So this clown robbed and shot a man on May 17th of last year, was convicted of both crimes January 27th of this year, and was free to run about shooting 15 year olds in the face on March 10th. How is that possible? According to “A Citizen’s Guide to Structured Sentencing (PDF),” a Class E Felony (AWDWISI) has a presumptive sentence of 20-25 months in prison, and a Class D Felony(Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon) has a presumptive sentence of 51-64 months. At a bare minimum he should have been in prison for over 4 years!

This is why I carry a gun.

2 responses to “Why didn’t he get a long prison sentence?

  1. One wonders what plea deal was ‘cooked’ to get him out…

  2. Good thinking! Protect yourself.