Michael Bloomberg Demands Action

Take one billionaire former New York City mayor with a Napoleon complex, dress him in drag, and what do you get? “Moms” Demand Action for Gunsense in America. We’ve already been told that Moms Demand has “merged” with MAIG. But did you know that they’ve finally announced that they are just a “campaign” of MAIG? Here’s their “donate” page. Look closely at how they describe themselves and where they ask you to send the checks.


They’ve finally admitted what we all knew from the get go. “Moms” Demand Action is, and always has been just another front group for Nanny Bloomberg’s overweening pride.

Moms Demand Action has continued to hold protests at the district offices of lawmakers they believe are persuadable. (Their specialty is the “stroller jam,” where moms with strollers and small kids cluster in a corridor or office to make their presence felt.) Bloomberg is assisting this effort by covering travel costs and helping groups bring on family members and survivors as full-time staff.

The billionaire gun hater and scold demands that we give up our guns. He saw a “stay at home mom” and former corporate communications executive for Monsanto running a Facebook page against guns and thought to himself, “My anti-gun mayors are getting put in jail. My other mayors are realizing that by ‘illegal guns’ I actually mean ‘all guns’ and are abandoning me. I could give these women some of my petty cash and spend the rest of my life hiding behind their petticoats.” And so he rummaged around in his pants pockets, pulled out more money than you and I together have ever seen in one place, and bought himself some feminine human shields. Allegedly baby carrying feminine human shields.

Do not be fooled. This is a slick corporate campaign run from the top down by slick corporate communications professionals. The money that Nanny Bloomberg paid for Moms Demand was money well spent, because without at least the appearance of grass roots, even their media allies will have to admit that it’s just an obnoxious billionaire trying to impose his will on the rest of us.

Moms Demand claims 10 full time staff members in North Carolina alone. If they managed to convince these Moms to work for just $25,000 a year that’s still a quarter of a million dollars a year just in salaries. And can you imagine their leader her in NC, the far left activist and PhD degreed Kaaren Haldeman working for just $25K a year and no benefits?

This is Nanny Bloomberg’s stock in trade. He uses his money to attack our rights while surrounding himself with cannon fodder. He uses guards armed with guns to ward off physical assault and women armed with babies to ward off criticism. Without his cash, the whole gun control movement would have imploded already, and even without matching funds, we’re still beating him. What could we do with real money? Where are the pro-gun millionaires and billionaires? Why aren’t they opening their checkbooks and helping the rest of us counter this guy?

If you have a lot of money and live in North Carolina, don’t give your money to the NRA. Give it to Grass Roots North Carolina. GRNC does all the work that the NRA takes credit for around here. And even if you don’t have a lot of money, spend the $30 and become a member. Then volunteer. None of us gets a salary, unlike the hired guns (pun intended) over at Moms Demand. We need the help. Without you, how can we counter 10 full-time Bloomberg employees?

Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc.

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  1. “None of us gets a salary, unlike the hired guns (pun intended) over at Moms Demand.”

    I keep saying we need the evil Koch Brothers to start funding us 🙂

  2. So they use their kids as human shields. I know of another group of people who use their kids as human shields…

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  5. And few of us live in a $1.2 million dollar house or are married to a multi-millionaire executive either.

  6. Shannon Watts of Moms Demand is not the stay-at-home mom she pretends to be. She is a career Fortune 500 public relations executive who now works for Bloomberg running part of his anti-liberty machine. She probably sees her kids on occasional weekends, if the Nanny brings them to her office to visit.

  7. robertsgunshop

    Ryan,she sees them when there’s a photo opp.

  8. So…from now on….with every Moms Demand Attention post….put up a pic of Bloomie photoshopped in drag or put his head on Shannon Watt’s body.

  9. CargoSquid: I’d like to see a Shannon Watts ventriloquist dummy with Michael Bloomberg’s hand up her butt.

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  14. +1 on joining GRNC. They are a great state-level organization that really makes a difference on gun rights. If you’re not in NC, find your own state-level organization, and make a difference there. Of course, you should belong to the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and/or Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. And the 2nd Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms can always use donations for their earthshaking legal action; they got Heller & McDonald done for us.

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