Wrong place, wrong time?

They will always say that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A woman who was shot and killed in front of a Baptist church late last month was hit by a bullet meant for someone else, Durham police said Monday.

But it sounds to me like the killer was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He should have been in prison.


They had him earlier, but someone lacked the intestinal fortitude to put him behind bars. He walked away from his probation and remained on the street.

(Suspect) was convicted in Durham last June of having a gun as a convicted felon and was given a suspended sentence and put on two years’ probation. State probation officers listed him as an absconder since then.

In February 2011, (Suspect) was convicted in Granville County of carrying out unarmed robberies in February and September 2010, state prison records show. He served 32 months in prison for those felonies, the records state.

Why do they bother doing “background checks” when they don’t even bother punishing the felons they catch with guns? It’s almost as if they only intend to harass the law abiding while ignoring the criminals.

One response to “Wrong place, wrong time?

  1. I consider cases like this proof that background checks, “universal” or otherwise, are not even intended as a “preventative” measure to “keep guns out of criminal hands.”

    If they won’t get serious on the punitive measures (e.g. actually jailing a criminal in possession or a criminal who tries to purchase a firearm), then the “preventative” measures are just window-dressing, intended only to harass the law-abiding.