Elliot Fineman wants ME!

Five days ago I received this handsome offer from the email account of Martha Rosenberg, Editor for Elliot Fineman’s National Gun Victim’s Action Council

Hello Sean,
Would you care to appear on our radio show, It’s the Guns, Stupid in upcoming weeks? Each show features pro and anti guests interviewed separately by CEO Elliot Fineman.

You would have 20 minutes or so to explain your positions and have a conversation with Elliot.

The show runs on Thursdays at 6PM EST. Here is a link to recent shows. http://gunvictimsaction.org/bl og/category/its-the-guns-stupi d-radio-show/

We are attaching a description of the show.
Thanks. Please let us know.
NGVAC editors

They attached this press release type thingy,

announceshowSweet! How could I possibly resist? So after consulting with several gun blogger friends to see what they thought, I sent her this.

Dear Martha Rosenberg, NCGVAC Editor,

I have carefully considered your offer to appear on Elliot Fineman’s pejoratively named radio show as well as my possible responses. I have chosen, by way of a response,

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

Elliot Fineman? Why should I, a third tier regional gun blogger, use my tiny amount of fame to prop up the failed attempts of a gun grabbing rich man who is clearly insane? Sure, he’s not Mike Bloomberg rich, but he’s a whole lot wealthier than me. And to judge by his very few appearances on TV, his grasp upon reality is tenuous at best.

I’m sure that he looked like a good bet when Brady Campaign basically went bankrupt and CSGV descended into the Twitter version of the Jerry Springer Show. All the angry anti-gun figureheads from Brady’s farcical board of directors must have loved the idea of someone actually promising action instead of cynically using them to fundraise Paul Helmke’s salary while he did absolutely nothing to advance their agenda. But a couple of TV appearances later and the TV stations stopped calling Elliot, didn’t they? They just don’t forgive a rambling grumpy old man who’s so far gone that he openly attempted to extort Starbucks. It’s one thing to threaten a boycott. It’s quite another to demand a $10 Million cash payout.

The press will happily put lunatics on TV if they can use those lunatics to discredit gun owners. But by and large the press supports your gun grabbing agenda. Why would they wish to discredit their own side with a person who appears one step short of senility? I guess that’s why Elliot is now running his own radio show instead of appearing on TV.

This brings up an important point. Why are you exploiting the poor man? He clearly needs help and instead of making sure he gets it, you take his money and edit… something for him? What’s the matter, didn’t make the cut to join Bloomie’s paid staff? They’re rolling in cash. They claim 10 paid staffers in North Carolina alone! And the chance that they will make any meaningful changes to North Carolina gun laws is somewhere between a snowball’s chance in hell and the chance that I would lower myself to abusing a poor old man on his vanity radio program. Why don’t you get on Bloomie’s payroll. He might be crazy, but he’s at least got it together enough that no one feels sorry for him if you take his money.

I wish you well in any of your future endeavors that don’t include attacking the civil rights of 300 plus million Americans.

Sean D Sorrentino

I think that should prevent any further attempts on their part to return to fame on my back.

9 responses to “Elliot Fineman wants ME!

  1. Well done Sean!

  2. I felt that one all the way here

  3. That’s going to leave a mark.

  4. That is exactly the way all 2nd amendment supporters should act. Your reply was superb. They want us to engage them in a “conversation”. The “conversation” ended in 1791, so the debate is over. The “conversation” gives them legitimacy. We should treat gun-banners like child molesters, and never give them the time of day.

  5. Ditto what mike said!

    Well done, sir!

  6. Sean, well said. No further “conversation” necessary.

  7. That’s my boy

  8. I LOL’d and read it to my wife!

  9. not only is that gonna leave a mark, it’s gonna sting too.