A little planning defeats rape attempt

I love when people use a little prior planning to defeat a criminal attack.

Authorities in Salisbury say a man is jailed in connection with the attempted rape of a real estate agent.

Before they went to a second house they were scheduled to see, the agent said she needed to call her office. During that call, she used a predetermined word to tell her co-workers she was in distress.

Now I have a strong preference for rapists getting shot in the face, but a win is a win.


The gun haters are always telling us “he was a law abiding citizen right up until he wasn’t.” So if that’s true, how come we keep finding that the worst criminals always have prior criminal records?

Be careful out there. If you’re going to be alone with unknown and unchecked people you owe it to yourself to have a plan. Having a plan and some way to defend yourself is even better. I’m pretty certain that the agent who showed us the house I now live in was carrying a gun at the time. So was I.

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