Where the magic happens

I finally cleaned my desk. And my office.

Blogging Setup

Several things happened that led to me finally cleaning up my desk. The company gave me a new printer/scanner/fax to replace the old broken printer that used to sit on my desk. I moved the new printer to a box off to the side. You can see it next to the Michael Z Williamson signed special edition on the left side of the picture.

Since I had all the new space on the desk, I thought I would haul out the second flat screen monitor my wife got for really cheap. Two monitors, one computer! But that didn’t work. I don’t have the right cables. But the new flat screen is a lot bigger than the old, so I swapped them out. Now I have the big monitor on the main computer.

So then I thought, why not pull out the spare laptop, the one I use for Skype? So I pulled it out and hooked it up to the old monitor. This meant a trip to the store to get a new keyboard. I dumped water into my old keyboard and broke it, so I’ve been using the spare keyboard. I got a wireless keyboard and mouse, swapped the wired keyboard to the Skype machine, along with the wireless mouse I already had, and presto, I’m all set to give myself computer monitor sunburn.

I must admit that it’s a little strange to be working on the computer without having to elbow piles of junk out of the way.

4 responses to “Where the magic happens

  1. You could eliminate one of the keyboards and mice with Synergy–Free, open source cross-platform keyboard sharing app. Once set up, scrolling off one monitor in the direction of the other switches control to the other computer. I’ve used it for Linux-Linux, Linux-Windows and Windows-Windows combinations, works great except that the cross-computer cut and paste is erratic.

  2. I can’t. The main computer is company owned and I am not allowed to put anything on it.

  3. Ikea desk?

  4. You need to do something with that wad of wires on the floor.