Restaurant posts ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign, gets robbed at gunpoint

Update: If you’d like to know why I’m so adamant about restaurant carry, and why I won’t enter a restaurant that bans guns, listen to this 10 minute snippet of a podcast interview I did with Luke at Triangle Tactical Podcast. You see, I have a friend who survived a restaurant mass murder.


Sunday night at about 9pm the restaurant “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in Durham was robbed by armed and masked men.

Police are searching for three suspects involved in an armed robbery at Durham’s newly-opened barbecue restaurant, The Pit, at 321 W. Geer Street.

Authorities said just before 9 p.m. Sunday, three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members to lie on the floor.

The bandits assaulted two employees during the crime, but they were not seriously injured.

Make sure to click over and watch the security cam video. Put yourself in the place of those workers.

I am very glad that no one was seriously injured. But everyone involved needs to face one very important fact. They were not murdered only because the robbers did not decide to kill them. The robbers had all the power. No one could resist them. Why? Because the owner of The Pit Authentic Barbecue has banned guns in his restaurant.

Here’s a photo of The Pit Authentic Barbecue, Durham, from the street.

The Pit Posted 2

And here’s a close up of the door, showing the sign.

The Pit Posted 1

Photos used by permission of an anonymous blog reader

Take a close look at the anti-gun sign. See how it’s not just some generic “No Guns” sign the owner, Greg Hatem picked up down at the local sign emporium. No, these are custom jobs. He went out of his way to make custom signs to make sure we gun owners felt unwelcome.

For those who can’t make it out behind the reflection, let me describe it. The three pictograms are labeled “NC State Capitol,” “NC Legislative Building,” and “The Pit.” Above the pictograms it says, “No Weapons” and below, “No Concealed Firearms.”

This isn’t just a simple case of some unthinking restauranteur slapping up an anti-gun sign. This is a political statement. He’s very clearly saying “The Legislature bans guns in their workplace, why are they allowing them in mine?” He’s trying to make the case for it being hypocrisy. Well I have three questions for him

  • Does The Pit Authentic Barbecue offer the same level of armed security that the NC Legislature and the NC State Capitol offer?
  • Are there armed police officers hired to stand guard patrolling The Pit Authentic Barbecue the same way there are armed police officers hired to stand guard on the NC Legislative Building and the NC State Capitol?
  • How does your insurance company feel about you assuming the responsibility for the safety of your patrons by prohibiting lawful self defense and banning ALL weapons in your restaurant?

I’m going to send a link to this blog post to the owner’s “Media Inquiries” address,

Samantha Hatem at [email protected]

133 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

and ask them. What do you think their response will be? Feel free to email them yourselves.

UPDATED to add: This is just one of the several restaurants that Greg Hatem owns. His company “Empire Eats” also owns several other places.

Also, his original “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in Raleigh was the host restaurant for Gabby Giffords’ anti-gun carpetbagger tour last July. They lied to us back then and said “We host all sorts of political functions. We don’t mean to take sides.” Yeah, right.

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  1. Reminds me of the joke about the DEA agent and the bull…show him the badge!

  2. Greg Hatem? Seriously?

  3. Gun free zone worked… And those stores are noted, and I’ll never step foot in one…

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  5. Let’s see – what’s that word I’m thinking of? Oh! I know! “Ironic”!!!

  6. Whoa, hadn’t seen those signs, that’s extremely arrogant.

  7. I wonder how their BBQ crow is…?

  8. “How does your insurance company feel about you assuming the responsibility for the safety of your patrons by prohibiting lawful self defense and banning ALL weapons in your restaurant?”

    They don’t care. Under this country’s legal system, the owner of property that prohibits self defense tools cannot be held liable when criminals take advantage of the situation, but they can be held liable when a gun owner uses a weapon in self defense.

    This is back door gun control. Business owners HAVE to prohibit weapons under this legal climate.

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  10. Matthew Andras

    Maybe he should have posted a sign on the back door?? Apparently the robbers missed it!!!

  11. John Oglesby

    @Matthew, It’s like at the mall. If the main entrance has a sign, you just go in through Sears. These guys are obviously CCL holders!!

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  14. They just need bigger signs!

    LOL. When will these idiots learn?

  15. Maybe he should have posted a “No Robberies” sign instead. I am sure that would have worked.

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  17. Why can’t we all just share out wealth and get along? I am just heartbroken over this. These robbers have made a cry for help; let’s answer that call with love and understanding. There is always a length of green bamboo, some pepper sauce and chick peas, but only in the spirit of compassion.

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  19. Windy Wilson

    1918a2, I understand how the green bamboo and pepper sauce can aid in the counseling session, but what are the chick peas for?

  20. Windy Wilson

    Divemedic, in California one is generally not liable for injury resulting from the criminal acts of another, but if the particular criminal acts are foreseeable, then the property owner has to take preventive measures. To my knowledge there has not been a test of an instance where the property owner took steps to prevent the invitee from taking his or her own preventive measures.

  21. I’m Ann Kane, state editor for Watchdog Wire North Carolina. I’ve just cross posted your post to our site [link removed]. I have put your name in the by line and have linked back to your blog.

    I couldn’t find an email for you to let you know I did some minor editing to fit our site. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email address removed]

    Thank you very much for your piece!

  22. This is not acceptable. Please remove my post. If you wish to do a short blurb and then link to my post, that is acceptable. I do not give you permission to reprint my blogpost in full on your site as if I wrote it for you. The copyright holder for the two photos I posted most certainly did not give you permission to use his/her photos.

    If you wish to understand what I mean by blurb and link, see how I’ve done the same for the in my blog post. I’ve excerpted a short section of their story and linked to it, giving my readers every encouragement to click over and read the full story at This is proper etiquette when linking original content on the web. What you’ve done is steal my content. I can only assume that you made an honest mistake and had no intention of treating me as an unpaid content provider for your news site.

    Please let me know how you wish to resolve this misunderstanding.

  23. Here in Texas a sign like that has no force of law behind it. The sign essentially means nothing. If they happen to catch you with a concealed weapon all they can do is ask you to leave. I don’t know what the laws are in NC.

  24. I am okay with him posting this information… helps me narrow down my choices of where to eat…..NOT THIS ONE

  25. I know that it isn’t nice but these kinds of stories really make my day. Some assclown thinks that he knows better than everyone else and declares a “Gun Free Zone”. And yet we seem to be hearing about a shooting in a “Gun Free Zone” nearly every month. When will these people wise up?

  26. Mr. Sorrentino,

    Thanks for your patience with my honest mistake in cross posting your article. Here is the revised post according to your guidelines. Again, thanks for your excellent reporting!

    Ann Kane
    Editor, Watchdog Wire North Carolina

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  28. Thanks, Ann, that’s much better. Thank you for your understanding.

  29. Time wounds all heels

  30. This is NOT anything new. Gun free “kill” zones go way back.

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  34. “Let’s go in there with some guns and do whatever we want. Nobody will be able to stop us because they don’t have guns”

    said every criminal everywhere.

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  36. This is probably not a legal posting for a gun ban in this business. It would not be in Tennessee. Let’s not concern ourselves with that though. Rather let’s speak with our wallets. Plenty of restaurants to eat at…maybe Hatems’ will figure out where their business went. We know who will get the profits now…so to support them is likely to support drug users.


  38. do you have to have a small penis to need to carry a gun with you everywhere?

  39. much better there be a shootout in a crowded restaurant then for a couple of criminals to get away with some money which i’m sure insurance will reimburse. You people are idiots if you think everyone having a gun on them always will make the world a safer place.

  40. The ultimate insult would be the employees and customers suing the restaurant for not proving adequate security. They demand you not be able to protect yourself and your family? Then they should be required to pony up.

  41. SNK My penis is of average length thanks for asking but what does that have to do with my ability to protect my family from bottom of my shoe scum that wants to rob the place. You liberals always seem to want to track every topic back to someones sexuality seems kind of weird… like you are trying to compensate for some lack.

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  43. Thank you, “snk,” for your concern about my penis. It is just fine, thanks. I do wonder, however, at your interest in it. Typically people need to get to know me pretty well before they feel comfortable taking an interest in my penis, but apparently you are not bound by our silly conventional bourgeois morality, are you?

    As for your second comment, it appears by your repeated use of superlatives, “everyone” & “always,” that you’re really more interested in arguing with your imagined version of gun owners rather than real gun owners.

    Let us assume that you are not as completely stupid as you sound. I’m going to posit that you’re not just so dumb that you’re arguing against a point no one is making, but that you’re deliberately trying to decoy the argument away from the point actually being made.

    The argument, just in case you really are stupid and missed it some time in the last 20 years, is that places that have “NO GUNS!” signs are attractive to criminals. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that if there are two houses and one has a sign that says “Robbers will be shot” and the other has a sign that says “No Guns Inside,” the rational robber will rob the second house. Same goes for restaurants. When you put up a “Everyone here is unarmed” sign, you attract bad people.

    I understand, however, why you don’t want to argue that point and would rather concern yourself with my penis and with stupid straw man arguments. It’s because if you stayed on topic even you know you’d lose.

  44. Jeffrey neher

    I believe the rule of thumb is those with no penis question the penis size of those who advocate self defense over cowardice. I’m sure the folks who were robbed believe as you do that because there were no shots fired that makes their situation a “safe” one. Its real simple, criminals break the law and the law abiding obey it. By posting a sign prohibiting the law abiding you are abetting the law breaker. Simple logic for those willing and able to receive it…….

  45. If its concealed how does he know….

  46. Larry B: It’s a Class 1 Misdemeanor to walk past a “No Guns” sign in NC. That’s 6 months in jail and whatever fine the Judge imposes. Can you afford 6 months in jail? Can you afford the fine? The lawyer’s fees? Will you still have a job when you finally make bail?

    These are all problems the criminal doesn’t have to care about. They’re going to drop the misdemeanor charges to get a plea bargain in the big “robbery with a dangerous weapon” felony. He’s already facing a long stretch in state prison, why would he care about the additional charges? You and I, however, can’t afford to miss one day of work because of a criminal charge. We’d be out of a job.

    And on a less practical, more philosophical note, why would you patronize an establishment that has told you that your life is less important than their bottom line? Why would you put money into the pocket of a person like that?

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  48. I’ve never understood the penis size comparison. I have a tiny penis, but I compensate for it by using it really, really well, not by carrying a gun. I carry a gun on the off chance I am ever in a situation where I need a gun. I do the same for fire extinguishers and insurance policies.

    SNK, luckily no one was shot by the criminals in this case. That is not always what happens. I can guarantee, with absolute certainty, that had you been in that place, and they had decided to start shooting the witnesses, you would have wished you had a gun.

  49. Liberalism is a disease. You can’t cure it. Karma
    Oh and the robbers were black men, something the news left out of their description.
    But, this never really happened because there were signs in the window saying you can’t enter with guns and we know criminals always obey the signs.

  50. Joe, snk wouldn’t wish he had a gun. He isn’t that kind if a guy. He doesn’t believe in personal responsibility! Now , he most definitely would be wishing for someone sigh a gun to rescue him

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  52. An back door open at a bus. Sounds like insurance fraud to me ,most robbers come in the front door!

  53. The “No Guns” signs are useless when the criminals can’t read.

  54. It looks like i found where all the western New york people fled to .

  55. if the world is such a dangerous place, maybe all you gun nuts should stay in your bunkers and then the rest of us won’t have to worry about people carrying guns into public places. I do not wish i had a gun because life is not an action movie. You’re statistically more likely to accidentally shoot yourself or your kids then you ever are to shoot a criminal.

  56. So now you’re claiming that the robbers were just more of us “gun nuts” who should be hiding in bunkers rather than robbing people?

    You don’t get out much, do you?

    Nice use of the totally busted Kellerman study. You might want to peddle that fake data somewhere else. Try people who haven’t studied statistics, logic, or basic common sense.

    Here’s a link to a source you probably will trust.×334436

    Please keep posting stupid things. Please. Every time you come by to read the comments you give me one more pageview and just a little bit more Google Ad money. You might try using a not obviously fake email address, though.

  57. uh…………….its his right to disallow weapons? I am sorry he was robbed, but better that than a shootout that got a bystander killed whilst eating some BBQ

  58. snk, do you come down out of the clouds much?

  59. how does you carrying guns everywhere make me feel safe? It doesn’t, it makes me feel more unease, mainly because what do I know of your mental state? Sorry you aren’t feeling welcome at his place of business, but I sure am!

  60. Looks like Sean blocked me because he doesn’t like facts entering his echo chamber. I get out plenty. I live downtown in a large city and i’ve never needed a gun. Maybe you can save up your google add money so you can buy some self defense lessons Sean. Then you won’t need to carry a gun everywhere to mask your insecurities

  61. yea snk2!! I am off to Durham to buy some BBQ!

  62. Snk, if a criminal had a gun to ur head and asked me for my wallet i’d Shoot you! Idiot

  63. Couldn’t have blocked you very much, you’re still posting. And let’s discuss “insecurities.” You’re so insecure that you need me to stop carrying a gun. I’m not a threat to you, well, unless you try to rob me. Maybe that’s what it is. You’re worried someone with a gun will cut your life short when you attack them.

    Or it could be that you’re such a coward that the thought of your neighbors having a gun makes you scared. Either way, your attempt to question my manhood is laughable.

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  68. Sean, I am looking you up on Facebook to send you a friend Request! You tell the anti gun grabbers the way it is. I am in NJ where I have 2 CCW Permits and can carry in 33 states but not even in my own state. You talk about being deprived of something, we are so ashamed and embarrassed to live here. NJ, disgraceful!

  69. Thanks, Linda. I used to live in Allentown, PA and work in New Jersey. I had a PA LTCF, a Utah, and a Florida concealed license yet if I’d have been caught with one hollowpoint bullet in my trunk in New Jersey I’d have been thrown in prison.

    Solution? Take I-95 south and come live in freedom down here. We’ve already got a lot of New Jersey folks, along with what seems like half of NYC. Southerners are polite folks, even to this California born and raised resident. Just tell them you’ve moved down here to live in freedom, among nice people and better weather and they’ll treat you like long lost cousins.

    Don’t forget to “Like” my NCGunBlog Facebook page

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  71. The point is about you being a threat to us, the point is that because you feel the need to carry a gun, every situation is escalated. Now, I too live down in here in this “freedom” and I don’t care for the fact that you deem it important to open or conceal carry a deadly weapon. ” I’m not a threat to you, well, unless you try to rob me” , while that may be true, I don’t know that nor will I ever, but what I do know is you carry a weapon and by default you have already escalated any interaction I might have with you, including a minor one such as a cart bumping into you at the grocery store by accident, or perhaps a spilled tea at the BBQ joint. Now, because I don’t have a weapon, I have to add a layer of humility in my interaction with you. I can’t just politely say I am sorry and clean up the mess, no, I have to go over and above and super apologize so you don’t draw and shoot. That is EXACTLY how those of us that don’t carry weapons openly or concealed feel when you choose to strap yours on. You know you aren’t a threat, I don’t, nor will I ever. Its not about our insecurities, its about your brazen desire to weaponize yourself and thus force your upper hand in all situations.

  72. Wow, now this is a new level in silly. You’re so scared that ordinary citizens will suddenly decide to murder you over spilled tea that you’ve decided to turn yourself into a craven coward, begging the government to please disarm all those nasty gun carrying citizens.

    Please point to all the blood in the BBQ joints where regular concealed carry holders have murdered tea spilling neighbors.

    I think your real problem is that you’re so deathly afraid of what you might do if you had a gun that you assume everyone else is just as unbalanced as you. Well the evidence of 375,000 plus active concealed handgun permit holders just in North Carolina proves you wrong.

    Get help for your paranoia, please. Living in terror is not good for you. Learning to love and trust your neighbors, however armed, will help you to live a longer, happier life. And that’s what we all want, both for ourselves and for you.

  73. They feel stronger when they can insure that most are as weak as they are.
    In their mind only special people should be armed.
    They think that their side is special and should be in control.
    Does this person fear a Police officer that is openly carrying?
    How about a plain clothes detective?
    Why presume everyone that is not in a government uniform and in possession of a weapon is a threat?
    That is illogical based upon the statistics.
    There is a huge disparity between the number of armed citizens and the number of criminals.
    A comparatively few people are responsible for most of the crime.
    I’m unable to relate to living in fear like that.
    How does making good people defenseless increase safety?
    Why do you presume to have the right to impose your will on other people that choose to have options in self defense.

    When people try to do that it makes me want a gun more than any petty thug will.
    Thugs are easy to deter with a show of force.
    Ideological zealots will find a way to acquire a monopoly on force and then impose their will.
    That is much more dangerous.
    Anyone that wants to weaken me, I can logically surmise, wants to control me.
    I will never trust them.

  74. its not terror, its an inability for you to reside in another humans shoes. I am fine, I am happy, I am confident. I know my neighbors. You merely assume everyone should carry a weapon and you call those that don’t paranoid and delusional. You tell us to get help. You can see it over and over in your responses. Somehow I suspect I will outlive you

  75. I wonder how the BBQ tastes. Probably nasty if the owner is a dickless faggot.

  76. Say that he is a Statist control freak. That is a much greater condemnation than implications that gays are lacking a penis, can’t cook, and are wimps.
    I have relatives that prove those assumptions wrong.

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  78. It is difficult to conduct an discussion with people who are so poorly educated (including many with prestigious degrees) that it is first necessary to establish the basics of logic and the rights of man.

    For example, the question- do you have a right to live your life? Yes or no.
    Second question- Is it ever acceptable to defend your life against attack? Yes, or No.
    You see where this leads.. lets say the answer is “yes”.
    just start imagining the next set of questions. … So it’s OK to defend oneself, but not with a gun. Or not with a knife. Or not with your fingernails.. or maybe a gentle push. Hmmm. might be a little problem there.

    And we can chase this down the rabbit hole some more- let’s just say .after some careful consideration our subject decides well, yes, maybe in some exceptional circumstances it is OK to use a weapon to defend. So then the next question- is it OK to carry a weapon to defend ones person? Yes, or No. Now this is a very confusing issue, because it now requires our debater to accept one of two things-either his previous conclusion is moot, because people should not have a weapon in their possession, or alternatively, that carrying one is a logical choice. After all, one cannot use a weapon to defend ones self if it is not present when one needs it-and who among us can tell when or where we may be assaulted?
    This hole we are going down extends for a ways, I have had “educated” people tell me that it is ok to use a knife or club to defend ones self, but not a firearm, I have had them tell me it is ok to shoot an intruder with a shotgun, but not an evil handgun, I have had them tell me it is ok to defend yourself in the home, but not if you are attacked on the street, etc.
    I know this is wordy , but it is an accurate reflection of the near impossibility of convincing there folks with reason-

    If any reading this have never heard of Yuri Bezmanov, look him up – he was a high ranking KGB defector and after hearing him explain the mechanism by which reason was robbed , and cognitive dissonance installed, you may find some sympathy for those afflicted.

    enough of the rabbit hole, let’s get back to the original question- ” Is it ever acceptable to defend ones self against attack? ” Yes, or No.

    Typical leftist answer- “well, it depends”.

    And in this answer, an entire world view becomes clear-

    There is no definitive right, or wrong, in that world view-

    Right or wrong, in the view of the left, is entirely dependent on who , is doing what, to who.

    The exact same act, can be either wrong, or right.

    This is very convenient for them.

  79. Excellent reply Raven. There is no rage like self righteous rage.
    That is exactly why I will never trust a do gooder Statist.
    They presume the high moral ground and therefore can do no wrong in their own view of reality.
    Live and let live.
    I only wish to control my own life.
    That is not enough for the busybody.

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  82. Ben Kurtzer

    His sign isn’t even legal:

    Section 23-31-235. Sign Requirements.

    (A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, any requirement of or allowance for the posting of signs prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon upon any premises shall only be satisfied by a sign expressing the prohibition in both written language interdict and universal sign language.

    **** (B) All signs must be posted at each entrance into a building where a concealable weapon permit holder is prohibited from carrying a concealable weapon and must be:

    (1) clearly visible from outside the building;

    (2) eight inches wide by twelve inches tall in size;

    **** (3) contain the words “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” in black one-inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between the lateral edges of the sign;

    **** (4) contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle seven inches in diameter with a diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal;

    (5) a diameter of a circle; and

    (6) placed not less than forty inches and not more than sixty inches from the bottom of the building’s entrance door.

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  84. I carry everywhere I go, except for federal buildings,(like the post office), and I do so not because I am afraid, but because I want to be able to protect myself. The anti’s want us to believe(foolishly) that the police are here to protect us, but they are not, they are here to respond to crime and follow up on tragedy, free people are responsible for their own safety. I am not telling everyone to arm themselves, that is a personal decision, and I am not looking to get into a “gunfight” with those I disagree with, and statistics show that CCW holders are more law abiding than the general public. Those who do not want someone else to carry concealed have their own issues and insecurities, they are afraid of what evils are in their own hearts. For those people I say don’t own a gun, don’t carry one. If you feel you can protect yourself with martial arts, great. If you feel peeing on yourself will prevent attack, well you can do what you want with your body, don’t tell me what I HAVE TO DO with mine. I have used a firearm to defend myself, and no one was hurt, not me, not my attacker, not a third party.

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  86. James Lutz

    SNK, years ago the Convient mart wher I lived in Englewood, Ohio was robbed. No CCW were allowed at the time and it was a very low crime area. The robber held up the place with a handgun. And then took everyone that was in the store and made them get in their knees in the walkin fridge and shot them all in the head. He was never caught. In 1992 one of my classmates was desperate. He went into the bank of a nearby town of Pleasent Hill cause he knew the sheriff would take forever to respond. He robbed them at gun point and then shot all the tellers cause he did not want any witnesses. One teller lived, but the other two died and Shaun is serving life in jail. Ya, they caught him but if someone else in there was armed, he might have been the dead one and maybe the tellers would be alive. A pregnant girl I worked with in Troy, Ohio was beaten and raped by two attackers walking home from work. The police atation was only a half mile away. If she had a gun, the attackers could been tge ones in the hospital, not her and her unborn child.
    Jim Lutz Springfield, Ohio

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  88. snk, I am amused at your feeble attempt to correlate my choice to provide the means enabling me to serve as my own, and perhpahs you, First Responder in the event of a situation such as the present one with the size of my equipment for procreation. I haev no concerns over the size of function of the latter, and I am pleased at my present liberty to decide for myself on the size and function of the former. I find it curious that you are curious about that correlation in those who do take the responsibilituy to provide the means for protection for themselves and those round about is.

    However, of this I am certain: had YOU been present in that restaurant when the gunmen, ignoring the sign to the contrary, came in and put everyone at risk over the few dollars they hauled off, I am absolutely certain that the size of YOUR own equipment would have been so diminished out of fear for yhour own survival that it would be the last thing on your mind. Further, I’m equally certain you would have been very thankful to have found even ONE person then and there present who was afflicted by precisely the sense of inadequacy you mention, and compensated for that inadequacy by having, concealed upon his person, a reasonably sized defensive handgun.

    Do a search for “Susanna Hupp” (maybe Suzanna?) and/or “Luby’s Cafe shooting”. Or her testimony about that incident to a Senate hearing committee. I don’t think SHE had any issues with the size of HER penis, for which she compensated by owning her own handgun. I know that she did wish, houever, that some of the Texas lawmakers t(who had decided the People of Texas would be safer for the total banning of guns in all eating establishments within the state) had normal sized penises and were not copensating for their lack by plauying the alpha males in dictating to Texas that they would all be helpless victims in the event someone else ignorred the law and brought a weapon into a restaurant.

  89. I do not personally carry, but I do own a gun and the only reason I do not carry is that I am not comfortable enough with my pistol to carry it as of yet. Once I become comfortable enough with my (new) gun I will openly carry. My father openly carries, always has and always will. I grew up with guns around me my entire life and my father made sure that each of us three girls knew how to handle a gun in case the need arose to use it. My husband who is a police officer chooses to not openly carry when he is off duty (his thoughts on that is he is not wearing his vest why does he want to carry a weapon and take that chance), I also respect that as well, I do not understand it, but respect it, however, he will carry if I ask him to.

    I have every right to defend myself if necessary as any of the above people against open or concealed carry have the right to defend/or not defend themselves, but don’t come calling on me when and if the situation arises and I am around to defend you because I carry and you don’t.

    I believe that everyone has the right to carry or not to carry, but to call someone’s penis size out is unacceptable, what exactly does that say about you?

  90. This restaurant owner shuold never come to visit Washington State. Such a sign as his would be meaningless. First, it does not comply with out “standardised sign” requirements. Second, such a sign can be wilfully ignored by anyone lawfully carrying (as in, with their Mother May I Card), the on;y “conesquence” being that, if found out, the management of the premises can request the firearm be removed from the premises, at which point the owner, sans weapon, may return. ONLY if asked and the request refused, the armed party may then be charged with criminal tresspass.

    Further, he’d better never get anywhere near our State Capitol, as lawful carry, concealed or open, is fully permited and normal… anywhere in our State Capitol Bulilding, Governor’s Offices, in the Legislative Building, even on the Floor of the House or Senate during session. The ONY place in the Capitol campus one may NOT carry is in most areas of the Justice Building, it being a courthouse and all. That’s where the Supreme COurt holds forth. However, in the lower floors and in the extensive Law Library, carry is permitted.

    One more major difference between our State Capitol and his dive: there are always numersous Law Enforcement Offiers on duty, and armed, stationed and/or roaming about throughout all the buildings and on the grounds.

  91. For those of you who wonder why I’m so adamant about restaurant carry, and why I get so annoyed with people who complain about me carrying a gun in a restaurant, listen to this 10 minute snippet of a podcast interview I did with Luke at Triangle Tactical Podcast.

    My friend survived the Luigi’s restaurant massacre in 1993. One of his dining companions did not.

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  93. For the clown utilizing the “small penis” line of attack – what about female senior citizens? I have a a relative in her 70s who stopped an attempted home invasion only after pointing a firearm at the man trying to beat down her door. The police took 20 minutes to arrive – but I guess the two gun prohibitionists above would prefer she have been murdered and robbed rather than be armed?

    I heard and read all the same arguments back in the late 90s when states were debating conceal carry laws. Sarah Brady and all the gun prohibition groups and the media informed us that if conceal carry was allowed, there would be gigantic increases in murders and shootings over minor incidents bc more guns meant more crime.

    Unfortunately, just like the bogus Kellerman study, that was completely disproven. As conceal carry has exploded across the nation, the direct opposite of what the gun control groups predicted took place – murders plummeted to the lowest point in decades!

    So why should we take seriously the same arguments that were already discredited that are for some reason still being given? By the way, if you are afraid of unstable people carrying weapons then you ought to fight to legislate banning cops because there have been a number of incidents that make them far more of a danger thn any citizen. In one week alone, three NYPD cops all got drunk and randomly shot innocent people or their partners for unknown reasons. Not by coincidence, a study has been done showing that cops shoot far more innocent people and bystanders than conceal carry people do.

    Lastly, there was another suggestion about taking self defense lessons! What a joke that is! You are probably thinking of some sort of karate nonsense, but here is a reality check for you. Having trained with world class athletes and fighters for years, no one is faster than a bullet.

    That is why Bruce lee said, after being asked what his favorite martial arts technique would be to stop a home robbery, “my 45 pistol.” Sorry, but none of the people taking self defense or giving the lessons hold a candle to Bruce lee – and he was a gun owner. Same goes for the Gracie family. But please keep arguing that the local karate instructor at your strip mall knows better than those people!

  94. When I carry, it makes me more cautious and courteous, not less. That is part of being a mature person – the ability and responsibility of ending a life is not one that we take lightly. However, if a criminal decides that my possessions are worth more than a life, well, I will agree with them and do my best to end their life instead.

    If you cannot handle that responsibility, if you would rather give up your possessions, your family’s possessions, their lives and your own rather than take another’s life, then so be it. Understand that you are abdicating that responsibility for you and yours to those who care not at all about your life, hopes and dreams. If you are very lucky, there may be an officer in the area to save you (they don’t have to do so, according to law).

    “The most glaring example of the cognitive dissonance on the left is the concept that human beings are inherently good, yet at the same time cannot be trusted with any kind of weapon, unless the magic fairy dust of government authority gets sprinkled upon them.”–Moshe Ben-David

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  96. Fernando F.

    SNK, Anonymous, I live in Cali and wish I could legally carry like in most other states. Let me clearly say…I am not afraid, I am not terrified, in fact I walk in South LA like I have not a care in the world just the same as I walk in Beverly Hills or Irvine but the fact is that your “fear” is my vigilance, I am always aware of who and what is around me (ever hear of the knock out game? It wasn’t just invented) because my parents taught me to be nice to everyone but defend myself ferociously and live to tell the story.
    I’ve lost friends to what you fear and have seen way too many life threatening situations happen in front of me, and a couple to me, to ever depend on the 20 minute wait for the police/sheriff to come to the rescue.
    You are a loon to think that a simple argument will set off a legally carrying gun owner at the drop of a hat. We are by far more responsible than the criminal that: stole his gun, stuck it in his pants and is looking into your purse or wallet for his take. He’s not worried about his job, reputation, loss of freedom, life and future. He/she didn’t pay hundreds/thousands in training, fees, licenses, taxes, registration, insurance and sacrificed time to get PERMISSION to carry. He/she is also not worried about lethal force use escalation, target identification, gun handling discipline, clearing, drawing and presentation, target acquisition, a clear foreground/background shot, cover and ultimately the split second decision to take another’s life if need be.
    I believe you two, along with other (notice my lack of every, all) cowardly, frightened, uninformed, inexperienced, gunshy and irresponsible, yes, IRRESPONSIBLE anti-gunners are in fact afraid and terrified that you can’t and won’t take personal responsibility to go thru all of that for your safety, let alone others and really believe that if you rant, rave and harrass pro-gun people enough…then all the evil you fear will disappear and your gun-free safe utopia will magically appear.
    Your say your life seems great and you feel happy, you might also feel safe but the reality is you truly don’t and you clutch at this dreamscape existence in fear whenever that dreaded gun demon whispers in your ear, “hey, I’m here…sitting next to you under this guys’ coat, or in this lady’s purse, FEAR me, don’t provoke me or I will kill you for looking at me the wrong way”. That’s a sad existence guys.

    Sean, you’ve gained a new reader, keep informing these chickens in sheep clothing of their ignorance and arrogance. Thank you for your 2A support and defense. One prepared person counts for two…or more.



    Someone register and build a website called or something similar. Install a simple, free script that allows any user to upload a photo of the no guns sign the business has. The name and location and type of business and the owners name and address and phone number.

    These would automatically go into a database that could be sorted by state and city.

    Simple work, I personally volunteer to code the site for free if asked but this is such a simple task, anyone could do it.

    This is perfectly legal! This is all public information! A newspaper in NY published the names and addresses of concealed carry holders because it was public information… Remember?

    An owner could request removal from the database if they change their policy and once verified by members in that city, it could be removed from the database.

    This will be a hugely effective plan that will work! It would cost little, there are millions of us out here who will contribute data to the site and it would be user built! All the site owner has to do is police it for spam.

    Not only that, you will be famous because this will go viral overnight!

    What are we waiting for? IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK!!!

  98. Well, I hope Greg was among those who were told to lie on the ground. How ironic if the thugs decided that dead men told no tales and had executed everyone so it’d been the Durham massacre. If I were a employee, I’d have an attorney filing a lawsuit against Greg Hatem as I’d be having nightmares of being murdered amd I’d be paranoid.

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  100. simply put up signs banning obama phones….won’t be a theife within 50 miles of the place.

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  105. Leftwingwackos don’t believe in human rights. That’s why they hate self-defense.

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  109. A good site for keeping track of pro- and anti-2A businesses:

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  113. Leatherwing

    Hey Sean, this made the Drudge Report! Of course, he links to Breitbart, who links to, who posted one of your pics with an attribution. But we know where it started.
    You do good work. Proud there are guys like you in NC.

  114. I noticed it was linked on Drudge, too. So within three days of your initial post, it had circulated all over the internet and finally made the Drudge Report! The leftist gun banners have to long for the old days when stuff like this could be kept quiet by the tv stations and newspapers!

    Great work! I also just saw it linked on the yahoo news stories – to the Daily Caller, of course. But your story got out and that is the most important thing. Notice how none of the gun control groups or media figures have talked about this?

  115. Re: “My friend survived the Luigi’s restaurant massacre in 1993. One of his dining companions did not.”

    Crap, I didn’t know about that crime. I know Luigi’s well, am a partner in a firm based in the area. No idea it had that tragic history, or that the original owners were murdered by that [anatomically explicit expletive]. The podcast was chilling to listen to; but you made your point with clarity.

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  117. Thanks, Kevin. I only wish that the gun haters would understand where I’m coming from. But they take the opposite view, that guns should be banned. Starting with mine.

  118. Was the no guns allow sign right under the Cash Only sign?
    BTW, I bet Chipoltes will be the next one hit.

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  125. We’ve been keeping track of the “Pit” and thousands of other businesses and restaurants, all recorded and ranked by average gun owners. Vote with your wallet!

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