The Mail Online shows how attribution is done

Take note all you image thieves, this is how it’s done correctly.

Sean D. Sorrentino, who writes An NC Gun Blog, published a photo with a sign on the front door of the restaurant that says ‘No weapons’ and ‘No concealed firearms.’

He says the policy ensured that his employees were at the mercy of the armed robbers.

Take a look at how they’ve altered the photo they took from my blog post. See the little Ā© in the corner? That’s because they contacted me last night and asked permission to use the photo. Because journalism.

That photo was taken by a friend and blog reader who has given me the rights to it. The people who took the photo and posted it on their blog without permission and without attribution are actually violating a copyright. Mail Online apparently has higher standards.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson in the use of watermarks. I will be watermarking photos from now on.

2 responses to “The Mail Online shows how attribution is done

  1. Good plan watermarking photos with your copyright.

    Make them work to use material without attribution.

    If possible, make it harder to rip it off than to ask to use it. šŸ˜‰

  2. And I am guilty …