‘Gun Free’ restaurant robbery makes ‘The Five’ with Greg Gutfeld (*Video*)

‘Gun Free’ zones attract robbers. Naturally, Bob doesn’t agree.

We are winning.

I especially like that they left my blog logo on the photo.

Original story HERE.

4 responses to “‘Gun Free’ restaurant robbery makes ‘The Five’ with Greg Gutfeld (*Video*)

  1. Leatherwing

    Why do all reporters, even those nominally on our side, always have to use terms like “pistol packing” or “packing heat”? I suspect that Gutfeld would have used the same terms if he’d been talking about a legally armed citizen rather than criminals.

  2. I’ve often wondered the same thing. Maybe it’s like little kids who’ve want to refer to something they view as “naughty.” It’s like how we as children would refer to parts of the body with cutesy made up names but now are perfectly comfortable using the correct terms because we’ve grown up.

  3. Glad no one was injured but let’s face it, The Pit owner got what he deserved. I walked into Dicky’s BBQ in Durham and to my shock and surprise they also had the same sign in the window. I disarmed then informed the Manager after 4 years of eating there that was my last visit. He informed me he had no idea the sign was even in the window. I asked for a call-back from the owner and to-date, she has not returned my call. BOYCOTT DICKY’S BBQ – that a simple solution

  4. Congrats, Sean. Good story, and good coverage on The Five. Gutfield sounds like an ally.