Stealing storm drains

He didn’t steal the whole drain, just the expensive metal grating on top.

(Suspect), 54, of Raleigh was arrested Tuesday on charges from Garner police that he tried to steal $2,500 worth of storm-drain grates from the parking lot of a Sears store on Fayetteville Street one day in March.

At an age where others should be thinking about fun times with the grand kids, this clown is out stealing storm drain grates.


Mommy, where’s grandpa? In jail again.

One response to “Stealing storm drains

  1. What I don’t get is why in the hell scrap metal dealers even buy stuff like that from Sumdood. Sure, buy old storm drain grates from a contractor for the city, or the city itself, or something like that. But how can a scrap metal dealer even begin to believe that a storm drain grate, or a man-hole cover, is legitimately in the possession of some random guy???