If he’d been in prison at the time

Here’s an interesting case.

Police in Salisbury say a woman fired multiple shots at her estranged husband as he packed up and prepared to move from the home they shared.

What’s interesting is the victim. Why wasn’t he in prison?


And here I thought a sentence of “Life” meant “till you die.” Silly me.

3 responses to “If he’d been in prison at the time

  1. O.K., so why did she shoot at him? He was just packing up and leaving. Or is there more that we’re not being told?

  2. My suspicion is that criminals attract each other. Like magnets. Nothing else explains how when one criminal shoots a gun he almost always hits another criminal.

    I’m beginning to suspect that criminals are not evenly distributed among the population.

  3. Windy Wilson

    What WAS he doing there? There’s the truth, i.e., what he really was doing at the time he got ventilated, and there’s the media report, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.