Because like Tam says…

There’s no sense using up all your good material at an away game.

Weer’d points out that the US Department of Agriculture is getting serious about taking on the feral pig problem.

But the agency needs more firepower for another kind of rural reckoning and is gearing up with thermal imaging weapons.

In its crosshairs are aggressive feral hogs that can weigh more than 400 lbs (180 kg) and have been known to carry off newborn calves. They cause about $1.5 billion of damage every year to farm communities and fields, say department officials, and now there are worries they may help spread a deadly pig virus.

Like Weer’d, I think it would be much more efficient to encourage American hunters and other gun owners to go out and shoot them instead of waiting on a government program.

Maybe the USDA, instead of buying the thermal sights themselves should help regular Americans to get them and join in the fight. They could even lean on the ATF to hurry along all those silencer approvals.

Uncle Sam wants YOU!
To get an AR, thermal sights, and a silencer
To WIPE OUT Huns Feral Pigs!

Maybe Obama could get Shepard Fairey to do us up a poster.

Anyone with some graphic experience want to help Obama’s USDA with this poster? Somehow I don’t think Mr. Hope Poster will be all that friendly to this idea.

2 responses to “Because like Tam says…

  1. I’m thinking they should put some lipstick on Nancy Pelosi and let her tour the country. That alone should bring support for ridding the country of feral pigs.

  2. I guess the hog hunting rules are different in other areas. In Texas all you need is a hunting license and landowner permission. Since they’re considered a nuisance there is no season for them, although most seem to be taken during deer season. Trapping hogs is also very popular here in East Texas, and you can get the meat from the trappers fairly cheap,cheaper than farm raised anyway.