Morrisville, NC Town Council Meeting wrapup

On Tuesday I spent the evening at the Morrisville Town Council Meeting with Luke and Ben from Triangle Tactical Podcast and Andy Stevens, who represented Grass Roots North Carolina.

The excitement of Town Council meetings is palpable in this photo.


They were discussing the Town development plan and its probable effects on the trees in some currently disused parcel of land. No one said that gun rights activism was always glamorous. How bad was it? Like I said on Facebook, I would rather have been Open Carrying a Tapco’d out SKS in a Chipotle.

The meeting was a strange on as there appeared to be no hook at all for the anti-gunners. There was nothing on the agenda that would have brought them to the Town Council to air their views. Every municipality has at least one self-styled “Gadfly” who makes his (generally his) opinion known at every opportunity, but a whole group numbering 5 or 6? With only two of their speakers from Morrisville? We had no idea what brought them in that day, but we showed up to make sure they didn’t go unopposed.

The first speaker was one of the last great anti-gun “public victims,” Kim Yaman. She’s a good speaker, if what you want is someone to cry crocodile tears on command while giving “testimony” about the terrible fear she suffered when she was a “victim” of gun violence. Through her tears she told the Council how she suffered and continues to suffer when some other people got shot on the same college campus as she was on back in 1991. Then she basically begged the Council to break the law and ban guns of all town property. Literally, “for the children.” In this case her grandchildren. She’s so terrified of we concealed handgun permit holders that she wants us disarmed by law in town parks. For The Children™.

After the emotional mood was set by the tears, former anti-gun MAIG mayor Jackie Holcombe gave her presentation. She thanked the Council for having illegal signs. She then proposed they add signs that “raise awareness” that CHP holders are still allowed to carry in parks with a sign that said something like “Warning: Your children might be exposed to strangers carrying loaded guns in this park.” Very few things make clearer the vast gulf in understanding between the Left and the rest of us. To them we are “Strangers carrying loaded guns.” To gun owners, it’s just your neighbor carrying for self-defense. And they call us paranoid.

After Jackie came a woman whose name I did not catch. She helpfully advised the Town Council that the UN Human Rights Commission was investigating the US for human rights violations including the proliferation of firearms and “stand your ground” laws. I am sure that the Town Council will take appropriate action on that item.

Wrapping up for them was Sarah Sydney, who is actually rather attractive despite her ugly online persona. She shocked us all by proposing that the Town Council repeal their gun bans in Town buildings to “be consistent” and “face the same dangers that our children face” or words to that effect. She said that since The Children™ had to suffer the anxiety of “armed strangers” in parks, then so should the Town Council. I almost stood up and cheered. There is a “no guns” sign on the Town building, but absolutely zero security. There was an armed officer in the building, open carrying in plain clothes with a gold badge. But no actual security. Ben, Luke, Andy, and I followed the law and went in unarmed, but nothing at all would have prevented someone from coming in, shooting the cop, and murdering us all.

It’s pretty obvious what their motivation was. They are terrified of average citizens with guns. In Kim Yaman’s formulation, she didn’t “know our intentions.” Without a uniform and a badge, she couldn’t judge our “intentions,” and so therefore was terrified of us. Instead of doing what my wife says and putting on their big girl panties and dealing with their irrational fears of their neighbors, there they were, in the Town Council meeting begging Daddy Government to make it illegal for all those awful, terrible gun owners to carry guns in parks. For The Children™. Note that they weren’t asking for any actual security. No added patrols by the cops, not airport style screening to make sure that the rules were followed. Nope, just another signs.

After the Moms Demanding Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, finished, Andy Stevens of GRNC spoke. He took the opportunity to remind the Town that their anti-gun park signs were illegal and were inviting a lawsuit. He also agreed that Ms. Sydney’s proposal to remove the anti-gun signs from Town buildings was a good idea.

I followed and basically just mocked the Demanding Mommies. I admitted that I didn’t live in Morrisville, but pointed out that neither did Michael Bloomberg. I told them that I was in stunned surprise to find that I agreed with Holcombe and Sydney that proper signs needed to be put up at the parks and that removing the anti-gun town building signs was a good idea. My speech was rather weak because I did not prepare a statement and attempted to riff off of the previous speakers. I need to remember to bring note cards next time I do that to keep me on track.

After that part of the meeting, Luke and Ben of Triangle Tactical Podcast hauled out the audio gear and interviewed Andy and me. They’ve posted the 18 minute podcast already, so you should check it our. Download it HERE.


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