Just two good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm

Luckily there were no guns involved. Someone might have gotten hurt.

(Victim) and the suspect, also known as Little Johnny, started fighting after the suspect entered (Victim)’s home at 432 20th St. SW Sunday evening, neighbor (Witness) said. (Witness) said he was inside (Victim)’s home when the suspect took an oxygen tube out of (Victim)s wife’s nose, started kissing her and rubbed her breasts.

I think I would be pretty upset if someone did this to my wife.

(Victim) grabbed the suspect by the shirt and told him to stop touching his wife, (Witness) said. (Witness) remembered the suspect telling (Victim), “Don’t put your hands on me, man. That’s the worst thing you can do,” before the suspect left (Victim)’s house.

Well, he left. Problem solved, right?

(Witness) said the suspect and (Victim) were drinking alcohol.

Color me surprised. Did anyone else see this coming?

The suspect returned to the (Victim) residence a few minutes later, took off (Victim)’s wife’s oxygen tube again and resumed kissing her and stroking her chest, (Witness) said.

This would upset me a great deal.

A fight between (Victim) and the suspect ensued.

Not surprising.

The story goes on to tell how the victim eventually got stabbed during the ensuing fight, with people getting thrown out of windows and everything.

The story makes it sound like just two regular guys who got a little wild after a couple of beers and someone ended up dead. What sort of people act like this?



The gun haters are always telling us that people are more commonly killed by people they know. Well felons have friends too.

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