Beating the baby

How hard do you have to beat a 10 month old to break multiple bones?

Winston-Salem police have charged the parents of a 10-month-old with child abuse after a hospital examination showed the child had suffered multiple bone fractures and bruising.

The suspected abuse was reported last October, but they are only now wrapping up their investigation.

Suspect 1

People say that victims generally know their attacker. What they don’t tell you is that even felons have friends and family.

2 responses to “Beating the baby

  1. Until SHE is charged then I say lets wait and see. I also will not pass judgment until the child is tested for a little known disorder that makes children’s bones very brittle and they break with normal handling by the parent. I find it funny when everyone assumes its the male that is guilty but Mommy dearest would not do that sort of thing

  2. Winston Salem police charged both parents. Only he had a previous record. Since it took them from October until now to complete the investigation I would hope they’ve ruled out weird diseases.