Robbing the cabbie

There’s something worse about this than merely being a robber.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have arrested two people in connection with the armed robbery of a cab driver early Tuesday morning.

Robbing cab drivers, pizza delivery people, real estate agents, and others who you call to remote locations seems worse to me than robbing random people on the street. There’s an element of luring them into an ambush that really bothers me.

Suspect 2

No surprise that the shooter is a felon.

2 responses to “Robbing the cabbie

  1. I’ve been delivering pizza part time for almost 7 years. So far I haven’t had any trouble. Luckily, my boss allows me to carry. He said as long as I’m good with the state, he has no problem with it. One week we had 3 robberies in our area. There’s a few places we deliver to that make me nervous.

  2. Yep, I’d be looking for ‘alternate’ ways to make a living if I had to do that…