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I can’t even imagine this

Some things are beyond rational understanding.

A North Carolina couple faces felony child abuse charges in the brutal beating of a 3-year-old boy, who doctors say is now fighting for his life.

You couldn’t write this into a book.

“The whole left side of his head is gone. When I look at his private area — his private area — Oh, God,” Felisha Brown, the victim’s grandmother, told the station. She said that the boy’s bones had been crushed.

In addition to abuse counts, (Suspect 2) also faces sexual assault charges in the case. Dreamin’ Demon reports that the boy’s genitals were mutilated. WSOC obtained a description of the child’s sexual assault injuries, but said they were too graphic to publish.

Stephen King wouldn’t write a monster this awful.

Suspect 2

Keep scrolling.

Because like Tam says…

There’s no sense using up all your good material at an away game.

Weer’d points out that the US Department of Agriculture is getting serious about taking on the feral pig problem.

But the agency needs more firepower for another kind of rural reckoning and is gearing up with thermal imaging weapons.

In its crosshairs are aggressive feral hogs that can weigh more than 400 lbs (180 kg) and have been known to carry off newborn calves. They cause about $1.5 billion of damage every year to farm communities and fields, say department officials, and now there are worries they may help spread a deadly pig virus.

Like Weer’d, I think it would be much more efficient to encourage American hunters and other gun owners to go out and shoot them instead of waiting on a government program.

Maybe the USDA, instead of buying the thermal sights themselves should help regular Americans to get them and join in the fight. They could even lean on the ATF to hurry along all those silencer approvals.

Uncle Sam wants YOU!
To get an AR, thermal sights, and a silencer
To WIPE OUT Huns Feral Pigs!

Maybe Obama could get Shepard Fairey to do us up a poster.

Anyone with some graphic experience want to help Obama’s USDA with this poster? Somehow I don’t think Mr. Hope Poster will be all that friendly to this idea.

Robbing the sweepstakes

Go where the money is.

A 21-year-old man faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy in a gunpoint robbery $2,000 last week at a sweepstakes parlor.

And who takes a gun to rob a sweepstakes parlor?


No doubt he was “running with the wrong crowd” and will soon “turn his life around.”

Scumbag caught again

Leopards don’t change their spots

A Rocky Mount man, on probation from courts in Alamance and Craven counties for exploiting elderly or disabled people, was charged Tuesday with doing that to an 80-year-old Raleigh woman in March.

He isn’t going to stop.


So why do we pretend he will change and refuse to lock him up?


This would be a fun experimental rifle

AR-15 in .308? But not an AR-10? I stopped in to Templar Custom a few weeks ago and Bob, the resident Mad Scientist, made me watch this video about the DPMS GII rifle.

Seems reasonable. I’ve held the AR-10 forgings. They’re huge. I can’t imagine an AR10 that didn’t feel like a boat anchor. But what’s the rifle like?

DPMS brought their truck to the Gander Mountain grand opening.

GanderMtn9And they had some GII rifles.

The SASS (Semi-Auto Sniper System) and the Recon


The Hunter


and the AP4 along with the Magpul MOE


I picked them all up and I found them to be fairly light. The Recon was really nose heavy with all that rail out front, but the AP4 and the MOE were pretty nice. They all seemed to be about the same size and weight as a regular AR15.

I asked and like the video said, anything from the magwell back is stock AR15. I can drop in a Giessle trigger and a Vltor Modstock. The barrel nut threads are the same outside diameter as the ordinary AR but the thread pitch is slightly different.

I’d like to get one and see how it shot. Then I’d like to give it to Bob at Templar Custom and have him make me a barrel, mount it with his RaceRail handguard and generally try to make it as close to my AR as possible, just in .308.


It would be a pretty cool experiment.

Creepy closet dweller

If a parent had shot him, would anyone have objected?

Authorities in Iredell County say a 27-year-old man turned himself in to sheriff’s deputies after investigators say he hid in a teenage girl’s closet for five days and had sex with her.

What kind of sicko wants to creep around the house of an underage girl?


Not an honest one.

A funny thing happened on the way to Gander Mountain

This post has been removed. In it’s place, here’s a photo of me getting two buckets of .22LR ammo at Gander Mountain.


Shooter on the loose

Guy shows up at the hospital with a gunshot wound in Stanly County.

Albemarle Police are looking for a man wanted in connection with a Sunday shooting.



Maybe if you’d stop coddling people and give them some serious time in prison, they’d not be free to commit these crimes.