Bloomberg buys state affiliate of CSGV

The Coalition Cult to Stop Gun Violence Ownership has many state level affiliates. They are, in the words of Dr. Brian Anse Patrick,

antigun groups, although often generously funded under private foundation program initiatives, resemble the skeleton crews left on an abandoned ship – a “director” and a sole office assistant to respond to media queries, with a remote and largely silent “membership” that exists more as an abstract statistical aggregation than a living body.

The group here in North Carolina is North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) and they fit Dr. Patrick’s description to a T. They were so bad that they didn’t even have a Director. NCGV ran out of money and she bailed, leaving their office assistant Gail Neely to attempt to fill her place.

Well it looks like Mike Bloomberg has purchased NCGV and has pushed the office assistant over the side as well. Via email…

Starting August 4, 2014, NCGV will welcome a new Executive Director!
Becky Ceartas comes to NCGV with 13 years of experience in public policy, grassroots organizing, lobbying, advocacy, media, leadership development, and event planning.  She has run successful campaigns on the local, state and federal levels.  She moved to North Carolina 9 years ago for her job with the Rural Advancement Foundational International – USA, a sustainable agriculture non-profit in Pittsboro, NC.  She is married, has a 2-year-old son, and likes to spend time outside.

Becky came to this issue after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.  She cares deeply about it as a mom and has since become the Advocacy Lead statewide for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She looks forward to the two groups collaborating on many projects.

I will leave NCGV with an incredible sense of pride in the movement we have built and the good we have accomplished during my nine years at NCGV.

As positive momentum in favor of sensible gun laws continues to build across the nation, region, and state, I am confident in the future of this organization, and remain grateful for the tireless efforts of our board, staff, and supporters to never stop fighting for a safer North Carolina.

Gail Neely


So the statewide advocacy lead (who I’ve never actually heard of) from Moms Demand Illegal Mayors for Everytown, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. has taken over as Executive Director of the only actual anti gun group in the state, in the process throwing the previous chair warmer over the side. In business this would be called a “hostile takeover.”

So let’s find out a bit about our new friend Becky Ceartas.


LinkedIn – Currently Looking For Part Time or Contract Work at Nonprofits – Previous work, Greenpeace. (Now deleted)

Quit Coal – So she’s the NC anti-coal campaign organizer.

Google+ – Plenty of info on her previous work history. It’s the story of a True Believer. It’s Left wing all up and down. (Also deleted)

She’s married to Devin Ceartas. Who is Devin Ceartas? Well, he’s not saying.

Devin Ceartas once lived in the Midwest. Having cheated on his fiancé, a career as an Organic Chemist, with the young Student Environmental Action Coalition for years, he finally left his Ph.D. program on the eve of the wedding and ran off to the woods. He was a founding member of Missouri Heartwood and worked as Network Support Coordinator for Heartwood, serving the Forest full-time for the better part of a decade. Devin then up and changed his name, got married and followed his love’s career path to a god-forsaken little town in Orange Co. NY. Absent any other options, Devin turned his long-time fascination with his younger sibling, the Internet, into a career programming websites. Devin is now a Unix grey-beard business owner in Chapel Hill, NC, building database, web and iOS tools for Forest Protection, Sustainable Agriculture, and Fair Trade organizations (and a smattering of small businesses).

(The web developers at Heartwood have decided to redirect anyone who clicks this link. The page still exists. Copy this URL and past to another open tab to read it)

So we have no idea what his name really is. Or was. Ceartas means “Justice” in Gaelic. We don’t know that his name change was innocent or if he was running from something. Something aside from the fiancé he abandoned.

Here’s his LinkedIn page. He owns NacreData. Nacre is the stuff we call Mother of Pearl.

So if Mike Bloomberg is buying State affiliate of CSGV and installing his own true believers, is he also buying the parent group? One hopes that he’s not stupid enough to give Ladd Everett a paycheck, but you never know. On the other hand, if he tosses Ladd out and forces him to get a real job, I approve.

The lesson here is that there are no Anti-Gun “Groups.” There is only one group. They are all the same people. No matter what name they have in their electronic letterhead, it’s the same very few people.

24 responses to “Bloomberg buys state affiliate of CSGV

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  2. I’m-a thinkin Ceartas is too clever by half; I took fiancé to mean his nascent organic chemistry degree, which he abandoned shortly before graduation. Kinda dumb, that, but I doubt there’s much risk to him of (re)gaining a sensible perspective, especially around the influence of that flake he’s married to, so no blood, no foul. I’d like to think we grow them better here in the Midwest, but we do have our share..

  3. So Bloomie is trying to supplant the Joyce ‘States United’ puppets under his own personal agenda? Good. The more connections we get w/ these groups to his name, the worse off they’ll be.

  4. Slartibartfast

    I have known Devin and Becky for decades. They are just your average Americans, who when faced with something they feel passionate about, become active in issues that matter to them. Both have paid their dues in doing much activism without any sort of financial compensation, eventually working up to jobs that pay the rent. The only agenda they have is working to build a better world for their child. If you are looking for demons, you need to look elsewhere.

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  6. Kentucky Jim

    I too have known Devin and Becky for a very long time. They are both good, fine, and smart people who have worked much of their lives to help others. And Mr. Evilwrench is correct in his reading that the “fiance” Devin left was his academic path studying organic chemistry in order to put his efforts toward protecting Missouri’s forests from the clearcut extravaganza of the late 1980’s and 1990’s that wrecked tens of thousands of acres of the Mark Twain National Forest (logging subsidized by all us taxpayers).

    Witch hunts are easy. Getting to know people in an honest way takes a little time and thoughtfulness.

  7. MissouriMinded

    There aren’t many people with better hearts than Becky and Devin. To see this vitriol only diminishes those who spout it. Maybe if you started caring about people as much as you seem to care about guns, you could meet her and have a reasonable discussion instead of pandering to your base.

  8. Someone is going to have to explain to me how, exactly, “good people” can be involved in attacking the people’s civil rights. Good people want to make sure everyone can exercise their civil rights. Good people don’t want to make exercising one’s civil rights difficult, dangerous, expensive, and legally precarious.

    Becky Ceartas has taken over as the leader of a previously moribund anti-civil rights group. She has committed not only to attacking the people’s civil rights, but to be a leader in this effort. She’s probably going to receive a paycheck for attacking the people’s civil rights. She’s and the rest of her anti-gun ilk are no better than the KKK, and she should be treated as such. There can be no “reasonable conversation” with people who want to take your civil rights. There can only be one answer to demands like that. “NO.”

  9. Inquiring Mind

    Anyone that feels he or she knows what is good for me and my family better than I do is not a “good” person, particularly when they are trying to infringe on my civil rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution.. They are at best accomplices’ of those that would harm us and at worst want -to-be despots and tyrants.

    As several of you claim to know these people, what was Mr.Ceartas’ original name and why did he change it? A “good” person seldom does this.

  10. FightThePoliticsNotThePersons

    I have known Becky since she was 12, and Devin since they were married. I often find their politics too green and unbending for my tastes. But all who know them personally would agree they are decent, loving people, and certainly don’t deserve ad hominem attacks.

    If you hate all lefties, you would hate them.

    If you can’t name a single Democrat you trust, you would naturally not trust them.


    If you are simply a gun rights advocate, and you visit this site out of a sincere desire to prevent the change/modification/repeal/reversal of gun laws, it would be a waste of your time to believe any personal attacks on the Ceartases. They are, by all reasonable measures, good people.

  11. Ooh, a lovefest. Don’t presume anything on me. Ok, I do hate all leftards, and I’ve come by that honestly. It is likewise impossible for me to trust a ‘rat, as to “claim the name” indicates having bought into the national platform, which is straight up communist, and represents the enemy of my republic. They may be “nice” or “good” people, whatever that means, merely misinformed or misdirected, but she in particular stands against my civil rights, so she is my enemy. I would die (or preferably kill… her) rather than allow her to succeed in that mission. Nothing personal, she’s staked out her territory, I’ve staked out mine. I just won’t compromise.

  12. GunRightsExtremeist

    @fightthepoliticsnottheperson, you are making this a left/right, Republican/Democrat issue, and it is not. Gun rights are civil rights, and they surpass all party lines.

  13. Remember, “good people” can do terrible things, especially if they don’t think through the ramifications of their actions.

    This blog lists case after case where criminals misusing firearms are caught in their violent psychopathic behavior. The criminal misuse of firearms is bad. “Gun violence” is a myth. “Criminal violence” is the problem, and that needs to be addressed aggressively and competently.

    “Good people” that confuse this issue hurt themselves, and hurt others in their actions. Prohibition does not work in a free society. We have example after example. Alcohol… Drugs… Guns…. each has been prohibited to one extend or another in our society, and these actions have only helped criminals intent on dominating our society grow in number and strength.

    Everywhere that the interference in a person’s right to defend themselves has been eliminated and the right embraced, crime and violence has dropped.

    Joining up to prevent North Carolina “Gang Violence” or “Domestic Violence” or “Criminal Violence” would make sense.

    But these people are about to dedicate their efforts to complete fallacy.

    Guns save lives.

  14. I wonder if the three posters above coordinated since they’re basically saying the same thing. Any chance the IP they came from is the same?

    Wouldn’t be the first (or only) time the anti-gun groups have engaged in sockpuppetry.

  15. Given the internal evidence, the people who are commenting are coming from Heartwood, the enviro group that Devin Ceartas does computer work for.

    “Slartibartfast” is from Chattanooga, TN
    “KentuckyJim” is from Berea, KY
    “MissouriMinded” is from Columbia, MO
    “FightThePoliticsNotThePerson” is from Plymouth Meeting, PA

    I suspect that the Heartwood folks talk to each other and decided to chime in since I linked to them to show Devin’s background.

  16. The word you are thinking of is Astroturf

    You people are hilarious – you are jokes! So far out of touch as to be a laughingstock to the rest of us.

    Dance monkey, dance – it amuses us…

  17. Slartibartfast

    Yes, people who meet in certain circles become friends who stay in touch. Part of being an activist is the threat of violence toward us and people we know who are just doing what they think is right. As a consequence of potential threats, we share them and help monitor the situation and alert others, and authorities when need be.

    As a gun owner for over 5 decades, I had also had to serve on security details during activist gatherings when there were threats of death and violence from outside forces. Folks would be surprised at how many middle of the road and liberal folks are proficient in firearms, bear spray, and other forms of self defense.

    Responsible gun owners understand the concerns of folks that call for sensible gun laws to help reduce the death tolls in our communities. We also understand that the mere act of owning a gun comes with considerably greater risk of dying by a gun than non-gun owners, and that families, friends, neighbors and other are also put at greater risk of death or injury. I have never encountered an activist that has advocated a gun ban or is “coming for your guns”. That is reactionary propaganda. Gun extremists, militia folks threatening violence, open carry advocates, and fighting against back ground checks, and other actions are far worse threats to gun owners over the long haul in giving gun ownership a bad name and increasing the call for stronger legislation.

    Rather than vilify all concerned parents, activists, and others who call for some sanity in the gun debate, you might consider listening and hearing their concerns and addressing your own concerns and trying to find common ground in a civil manner. Escalating threats and bullying tactics are only going to end up making you shoot yourselves in the foot or crotch.

    There was an interesting column in our paper yesterday where a life-long NRA member, former Police officer, and current gun safety instructor addresses how far off base we’ve gone in allowing guns to be put in the hands of anyone, and how this is a threat to Police trying to do their jobs.

  18. Ahh, so you think, perhaps, that disagreement with you and yours constitutes a threat that must be addressed as a threat? It’s not possible that you’re just wrong and should shut up? I know I’ve been told that numerous times.

    “Responsible” gun owners may “understand” the concerns of psychotic gun grabbers without respecting the ridiculous proposals they put forth. Owning a gun does not, in fact come with a greater risk of death or injury by “gun violence.” Study the facts. I owe nothing to you or anyone else; I merely exercise my right to defend myself.

    So, shall I listen to the “sanity” called for by these emotional morons, which I have already seen and dismissed as nonsense, or should they perhaps listen to ideas that have proven truthful?

  19. The Chicago Sun Times just advocated for banning 95+ plus of gun shops in Illinois. Gov. Quinn advocates for banning 50%+ plus of firearms in the hands of lawful citizens.

    Are those ‘sensible gun laws’?

    MDA-IL, Now a subsidiary of Bloomberg, like CFNC, advocated AGAINST one of the strictest CCW laws in the nation so the claims of ‘guns in the hands of anyone’ is nonsense put forth by anti-gun advocates.

    “I have never encountered an activist that has advocated a gun ban or is “coming for your guns”.

    Then you haven’t been paying attention or are being dishonest. Which is it?

  20. “I have never encountered an activist that has advocated a gun ban or is ‘coming for your guns’.”

    Don’t get out much, do you?

    Ana Marie Cox
    Rex Haberman
    “Rose City Rose”
    Nelson Linscott
    Scott Martelle

  21. Aw, that’s adorable. The far-left cranks show up, wagging their fingers, admonishing us not to use the same Alinsky tactics against them that they delight in using against us.

    And yes, cranks. Greenpeace is an ecoterrorist organization and should be labeled as one by law enforcement and dealt with as one by our government. No one involved with it on any level is respectable in any sense of the word. “Moderate environmentalists” are like “moderate Moslems,” oft spoken of but seldom seen, sort of like Bigfoot. “Cranks” is the politest term I can think of for such individuals.

  22. “No one is coming for your guns.” Yes, I’ve heard that before on several occasions. Then I read they only want the military looking weapons. Well, many of mine have that appearance. A few of them are actual military weapons with a history. So it would appear they want at least some of my guns. But let’s be reasonable. This is all just common sense, right?

    I read recently an analogy which appears to apply here. It has to do with alternate forms of marriage: the types being argued in so many states these days, some allowing gay marriage; some not. Suppose somebody said to you:

    “Nobody is saying you can’t get married. We’re just saying that some people can’t get married. We will allow traditional male-female marriage, as long as both parties are of the same race. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? This is all just common sense.”

  23. They say “nobody has come for your guns”. I say “Yet”.

    They say “we respect your 2nd amendment rights”. I say “so far”.”

    “Trust but verify” seemed kind of weird at the time, but I can understand it now. I’ll trust these people as far as I can throw them, which isn’t that far these days. They deserve no more.

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