Ask me some questions

I had fun doing my audio blog post a few days ago. (Check it out if you’ve not listened) I’d like to do some more audio blogging. I’m not yet ready to try a full on podcast, but maybe. I’d need a co-host to do that.

So to get me started, ask me some questions. If you’re hard core, you could use Audacity (or any other MP3 recording device) to record your question, comment, rant, whatever, send it to me, and I’ll respond.

Even you gun haters out there. Go ahead, ask away. Email your questions, or recordings, to [email protected]

3 responses to “Ask me some questions

  1. What I want to know is why people, after being shown what the rules or laws are, still refuse to follow them, then justify it to others with some lame brained excuse. The perfect example is the White house response to questions with, “oh that was so long ago who cares”
    My question is actually not for the white house but for a majority of the members of our local political party

  2. Laws are for the little people.

  3. I’ll be your co-host šŸ™‚