Sean’s adventures at the topless pool bar in Falaraki

I’m working on my confidence in front of the mic, so here’s a little story about the time the US Navy took me to Falaraki, on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

Topless pool bars are pretty sweet.

6 responses to “Sean’s adventures at the topless pool bar in Falaraki

  1. Awesome story, and I look forward to the podcast! (We have to do cross-promotion on The Squirrel Report!)

    But who’s the handsome dude in the picture???

  2. I believe that photo was taken during the same cruise. We were stuck at sea for almost 45 days. We were almost to beer days, but we didn’t get them. They decided it would be fun to sell “no shave chits” and that’s the best I could do in the little over a month that I had.

  3. I thought about joining the Navy. But nooo, I had to join the Marines and get sent to 29 palms for 3 years. I always miss the good stuff.

  4. Only 45 days? Man, we did 6 months straight with only three days off in Haifa Israel about half way through, and there was a sandstorm while we were there!

  5. We didn’t even get 45 days. We pulled in at 43 or so.

  6. When we got beer days I sold mine cause I didn’t drink. One guy drank like 10 beers and was totally shitfaced. I was lucky he didn’t tell who sold them to him. šŸ™‚