I need a podcast name

Good news, the podcast is a go. It will be WizardPC from GunsCarsTech and I.

Now we just need a name.

Any ideas?

9 responses to “I need a podcast name

  1. Got a subject/theme you want to stick to?

  2. “The Naked Chicks Every Week Podcast”!

    Truth in advertising!

  3. Sean, you do a great service in advancing self defense issues and I appreciate all your efforts.

    I also wonder what your focus will be. Not looking for a mission statement or anything, just wondering what material you intend to work.

    Weer’d, though, may have a winner. It’s not like we can verify naked chick claims via audio.

    Thx, keep it up!

  4. Just a general format, a little news, the occasional guest. I think we have a weekly guest lined up to tell us about the “This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery.”

    I’m more interested in the politics of guns than in doing equipment reviews. I want to be a little more serious than GunDudes while being a bit funnier than Triangle Tactical.

    And NO, it will not be the “Naked Chicks Every Week Podcast.”

  5. You’ll never be funnier than the Triangle Tactical guys, they are the funniest!

  6. “More guns than the squirrels, more funnys than the tacticals, more seriousness than the Dudes, more lot lizards than the Roadgunner, its the Mo’ Guns Podcast!”

  7. When I was in the Army back in 1990-1994 there was a custom car shop (read “rims and tint”) that catered to a certain identifiable racial minority called “The Mo’ Betta’ Car Shop, dedicated to making yo’ car Mo’ Betta’.”

    I don’t think the Mo’ Betta’ Gun Podcast will work.

  8. How about, “Jerk-off Gun Nuts…” [This post has been edited by the blog owner. MikeB is banned, he knows it, and he will not be permitted to advertise his blog and his malignant narcissism in my comments section]


  9. Speaking of jerk-offs…