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Overnight Stabbing

Good to know they already have the suspect in custody

Authorities in Newton have a man custody after a deadly overnight stabbing.

So who do they have?


With a record like that I believe he qualifies as the usual suspect.

Professor dies in UNC assault

It sounds like an idyllic life, doesn’t it?

Feng Liu had a lunchtime routine that his colleagues and lab partners at the UNC-Chapel Hill school of pharmacy knew well.

The 59-year-old Durham resident usually had a bite to eat and left his lab for a brisk 30-minute walk on campus or through nearby Chapel Hill neighborhoods. Typically, he returned cheerful and invigorated by the midday exercise.

But even in peaceful Lefty Paradise Chapel Hill, danger lurks.

On Wednesday, the research professor at UNC’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy never came back.

Chapel Hill police said Liu suffered a severe head injury during a robbery at the intersection of Ransom Street and West University Drive about 1 p.m. Wednesday. Prosecutors said during a brief court hearing Thursday afternoon that the two men who robbed Liu hit him in the head with a rock.

The age old weapon, probably the first weapon ever “invented.” There’s no background check on rocks. Yet they still kill just as efficiently as they ever did.

And who preys on internationally renowned research professors?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

People who should have been in prison instead of wandering about Chapel Hill looking for easy victims.

Keep in mind, the President of the UNC system went to a lot of trouble to make sure everyone knew that UNC was a “Gun Free Zone,” and students, faculty, and staff were prohibited by law from carrying a firearm. It would be interesting to find out if these two suspects, who were from Durham, came in to the UNC area because they knew that their victims would be disarmed.

It’s not the weapon. It’s the criminal mind that wields them.

Episode 2 of the GunBlog VarietyCast is up

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Excessive bail shall not be required?

This seems like a very high bail.

A Wake County magistrate set bail at $1 million Monday for a man whom Wake County sheriff’s deputies charged with possession of stolen property…

But then you find out he’s already on $250K bail from another county and has enough felony theft charges against him to warrant charging him a environmental fee for all the trees he’s killed printing out the charge sheet.


I don’t think this guy is going to change his life, so why do we keep letting him out of jail?



Hotel Shooting

He didn’t shoot the hotel.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has charged a man with critically wounding a woman Wednesday at the Scottish Inn on U.S. 70 near the Durham County line.

The eventually caught up with him in a traffic stop later.



I wonder if there’s anything we can tell from their respective criminal records?

Targeting Chinese restaurants

This guy is showing a pattern

Police interrupted a robbery at a Chinese restaurant on Falls of Neuse Road late Saturday, arrested a man they found there and charged him with three earlier armed robberies at Asian restaurants.

And that pattern is spots


Spots, that like a leopard’s, don’t change.

Felon in Possession becomes suspect in custody

Siler City murder

Investigators from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office have made an arrest in the investigation of a shooting that left one man dead on June 1.

When something bad happens, generally the police find other crimes during their investigation

Early in the investigation, 42-year-old (Suspect) was arrested for felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was placed under a $200,000 secured bond and held in the Chatham County Jail since June 1.

During the investigation, (Suspect) became a person of interest in the case.

Naturally, he turned out to be the one they suspect of killing the victim



Suspects and victims seem to hang out together a lot, don’t they? Keep this in mind when the gun grabbers tell you that “most victims know their killer.” It doesn’t mean what they tell you it means.

Episode 1 of the Gunblog VarietyCast

The very first episode of the GunBlog VarietyCast is now up. Check it out!


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Shooting up a house

Shooting a gun into an occupied property is a very serious crime.

A Cary man is accused of firing a weapon at an occupied home.

So is the attempted murder they charged him with as well.


Seems he’s graduated from robbery to attempted murder by drive-by shooting.

Shot in an unknown location

This isn’t the best writing I’ve ever seen

Police have identified a 21-year-old man who died Saturday after being shot.

(Victim) of the 2900 block of Polo Drive died Cape Fear Valley Medical Center after being shot at an unknown location.

So, unknown if he was shot in the head? Or unknown if he was shot on Murchison Boulevard?


There always seems to be a drug connection, doesn’t there?