High Altitude Entanglement

Another story from my military days. This one from my Army years

It was a lot less scary than you would think. Training? Or just youthful belief in my indestructibility?

3 responses to “High Altitude Entanglement

  1. One of these days I will tell you about my one and only jump at Pine Bluff Drop Zone. It too was a static line jump with one of the old T-10 parachutes. Did I mention I used to be taller?

  2. A combination of both??? šŸ™‚

  3. I am happy to report that my whopping 7 jumps were all pretty uneventful. But I could not agree more with your comment about being happy to jump. After just a few minutes inside a C-130 in Ft. Benning in June, I could not wait to get out!