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NCGunBlog and Triangle Tactical Podcast go to a press conference

I’d like to say that “hilarity ensued,” but it didn’t. Here’s the video shot by Luke of Triangle Tactical Podcast.

I question the Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler at about the 7:30 minute mark.

Lots of press were in attendence and I did an on camera interview with WRAL and talked with the reporter for the News and Observer. The current WRAL video doesn’t have my interview, but here’s the article.

Deep-fried anything may be allowed at the N.C. State Fair, but guns are not, and now a pro-gun group plans to sue the state to allow those with concealed-carry permits to bring their weapons onto the state fairgrounds.

I gave the reporter some good red meat, so I hope she’ll update the video for the 11 o’clock hour and include my interview.

Here’s the N&O

The state’s most recent gun law may allow concealed firearms at this year’s N.C. State Fair, where they have been forbidden for decades.

Here’s WNCN

North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said Tuesday that he plans to continue a ban on weapons at the North Carolina State Fair this year.

And here’s ABC11

A pro-gun group says it will sue over a decision by North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler to continue a ban on conceal/carry weapons at the NC State Fair.

Keep in mind that these stories get updated over time, so let me know if you see anything interesting in them. If I suddenly appear in the WRAL story, let me know.

Probably a domestic

It’s likely that this will be recorded as a domestic violence incident.

A Raleigh man is accused of stabbing and seriously injuring another man, according to an arrest warrant.

They have the same last name and live at the same address.



Criminals have families too.

GRNC to Ag Commissioner: Do NOT post anti-gun signs at NC State Fair!

Last year we North Carolinian gun owners noticed something strange. The NC State Fair was posted against carrying firearms and the police set up metal detectors to keep guns out. The problem is that the law they were using to justify the gun ban had been amended under H937. Guns were only ever banned at the State Fair because they charged admission, which legally made it an “assembly,” and a Class 1 misdemeanor to possess a firearm. GRNC promised not to let this slide this year.

GRNC sent out this alert just a few minutes ago. 


At the request of North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler, GRNC representatives today met with the commissioner and his legal counsel after his police chief for the state fairgrounds, Joel Keith, began telling people the North Carolina State Fair would be posted against all firearms, including lawful concealed carry.AlthoughTroxler is not particularly anti-gun, he seems unwilling to take responsibility for doing the right thing, saying instead that as a member of the executive branch, he cannot interpret statutes and must follow the interpretations given to him (more on that shortly).Consequently, the commissioner and GRNC were unable toachieve a satisfactory resolution of the problem. GRNC is now preparing a filing for a temporary restraining order, through its sister non-profit, Rights Watch International, to prevent the fair, which starts in just over two weeks, from being posted.ORIGINS OF THE PROBLEM
Before passage of House Bill 937, which became effective on October 1, 2013, guns were prohibited at “assemblies of people for which admission is charged.” Since that section of NCGS 14-269.3 was changed to permit carry by those with concealed handgun permits, however, only private property owners hosting such assemblies may prohibit concealed carry. The state fairgrounds, of course, are not private property.

Although NCGS 14-269.3 specifically opens carry to permit-holders, Troxler claims “vague” language in the statutes enables the state to post under NCGS 14-269(a2), which says the state’s general prohibition on concealed weapons, “does not apply to a person who has a concealed handgun permit issued in accordance with Article 54B of this Chapter, has a concealed handgun permit considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24, or is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to G.S. 14-415.25, provided the weapon is a handgun, is in a closed compartment or container within the person’s locked vehicle, and the vehicle is in a parking area that is owned or leased by State government.”


    1. The section above merely enables permit-holders to keep guns in closed compartments of locked motor vehicles in state properties where guns are prohibited. It does not create a prohibition in itself.
    1. In fact, NCGS 14-269.4 lists the specific state properties – such as the State Capitol, Governor’s Executive Mansion” and courthouses – where guns are prohibited. That section does not include the state fairgrounds.
  1. Even in the exceedingly unlikely event a court agreed that Troxler is allowed to post the fair, nothing requires him to do so. In short, his rationalization that he is just following what he has to do is false. Troxler is choosing to prohibit lawful concealed handgun permit-holders from protecting their families not only at the fair, but also in the parking lots outside the fair.

As we’ve seen time and again, gun-free zones are dangerous places for law-abiding citizens. No family should be rendered entirely helpless should an event occur such as what happened at theWisconsin State Fair in 2011. Dozens of teenagers and young adults attacked peaceful fairgoers as they left the fair. Eleven people were injured and thirty-one arrests were made. Criminals are always empowered when they know that their intended victims are disarmed. Posting against law-abiding gun owners is equivalent to a wink and a nod to the criminals who would prey on the now-defenseless families. Not an acceptable plan, Commissioner Troxler.

Expect the usual suspects to wail and gnash their teeth, but the reality is that there are now no laws against CHP holders carrying handguns at the State Fair, which starts in two weeks. The funny part is that according to my reading of the law, there’s no requirement that the CHP holders conceal their handguns. If you have a CHP, you can Open Carry the State Fair.

GRNC told Commissioner Troxler that he didn’t have a leg to stand on. They told him that if he forced the issue it would be played out loudly and publicly. Now he’s about to find out.

Click this link and send some email to Commissioner Troxler to let him know you want him to follow the law. Also make sure to give him a phone call tomorrow. Politicians and bureaucrats like phone calls, right?

Crashing into the deputy

Two guys in a rolling pharmacy attempted to escape from police only to end up crashing into one of them.

Two people are facing drug charges and other charges after in incident in which the suspects’ vehicle crashed into a Buncombe sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car.

You have to read the list of drugs. It sounds like they robbed a hospital.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Only that many drugs would explain their actions.

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 6


Episode 6 is up!

Show notes are available HERE.

Arrest in Cary murder

They’ve arrested their suspect in the murder of a pediatric home care nurse in Cary.

A search warrant that was made public Wednesday reveals Johnson, of Sanford, N.C., was in Cary to visit one of her patients, and was getting out of her car when a man approached her, shooting the victim after she refused to give up her purse.

And who robs and murders a pediatric home care nurse who’s visiting a patient?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Put him under the jail.

In police work, that’s what we call “a clue” (*Video*)

I don’t suppose that the police officer will have any difficulty in court explaining his probable cause for searching this guy.

A Swansboro man has been arrested and accused of stealing a safe from a drug store.

Multiple media outlets reported that police said 22-year-old (Suspect) was dragging the safe when he was caught Tuesday after an early-morning break-in at the store.

In the video below, you can see the dash cam video.

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro


He has a history of bad decisions. Using a pharmacy safe to troll for police officers is just the latest one.

Stealing a big rig

How exactly would you fence this?

A Wendell man was charged Sunday evening with the June 28 theft of a $100,000 tractor-trailer rig, two forklifts and $5,000 worth of lumber from 84 Lumber on Old Wake Forest Road.

Does he know a guy who can move a hot 18 wheeler and two fork trucks?


He was on probation at the time.

“Teen” killed in Durham

More “children” killed by guns, the gun haters will say.

Durham police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting Sunday morning.

Police say (Victim), 18, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was shot multiple times.

Oh, noes! Was he on his way to church choir practice after feeding the elderly homeless AIDS patients?


Or was he a convicted felon who got out of prison on July 31st and got shot dead on August 17th?

I report, you decide.

Burying the lede

The headline makes it sound funny. It almost certainly wasn’t.

 Police suspect Eddie Lee Lee, 50, entered an Exxon-related store, threatened a man’s life with the “bladed instrument” and took $5 of Modelo and Miller beer, an arrest warrant states.

He wasn’t just “stealing beer.” He was threatening to murder someone with a deadly weapon in order to effect a robbery. Not the same thing.


You can see that he’s already been convicted of the crime. It looks like he pleaded down his “Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon” to “Common Law Robbery,” and received a maximum sentence of 17 months in prison.

And you wonder why we have so much crime. Do you think you or I would be treated so kindly by the “Justice System”?