Raymond wants to make a leather sap for you!

You all know how I love my handmade leather sap by Raymond.

SapsThe one on the right is my sap, made by Raymond, the one on the left is a commercially available model.

I started carrying a sap in my pocket because before 1 October of last year it was illegal to carry a firearm in a restaurant that serves alcohol. The sap still lives in my car, as a “just in case” weapon. Like Tam says, as a defensive tool it beats harsh language.

Most of Raymond’s saps are more like this

Leather Sap

This one is probably the most basic sap he’s ever made. Most are much prettier.

I haven’t said much about Raymond because he’s been tied up with work, without much time to make leather saps for people. But that’s changed, and he’s opened up orders finally, so you need to rush over and claim your spot in his order queue.


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