Pro Rights Progress marches on

Lee County, North Carolina, centered around Sanford, NC, has voted 4-3 to remove all anti-gun/anti-concealed carry laws. This is the first of two required votes.

Lee County Commissioners voted 4-3 to pass a resolution repealing a gun ordinance banning licensed concealed carry holders from bringing concealed weapons into public buildings.

The resolution must pass a second reading, scheduled for Oct. 6, before the ordinance will be repealed.

This is good news. The proposed new resolution will not only allow ordinary citizens to carry concealed in all county buildings, it will permit county employees to carry concealed as well.

There were two department heads that spoke out about it and what’s interesting is how the Department of Social Services – Child Protective Services manager told people about her unsupported fears and projected her opinion on the people who worked for her,

“Having guns in the building either being brought in by clients or brought in by employees increases exponentially the chances of something happening,” Shearer said. “People don’t want to work in a place where such incidents could happen.”

The Director of the County Health Department actually asked his employees.

Terrell Jones, Lee County Health Department director, said allowing concealed carry in public buildings has been on his mind since he first started working here.

He recalled witnessing a fight in the hallway at work and law enforcement was called, but said if someone had pulled out a weapon, many people could have been hurt before law enforcement would have arrived.

“We could have had nine people go down before someone got there,” Jones said.

Jones said he has heard about instances of people already bringing concealed weapons into the health department illegally.

“They’re being carried by non-law abiding citizens,” he said.

Jones said concealed carry permit holders are law abiding citizens who go through background and mental health checks to get these permits so that they are able to protect themselves, protect others and create a deterrent for criminal activity.

“A concealed carry is confusing to [criminals]. They don’t know whether their prey is going to be vulnerable or not,” he said.

Jones said on a poll of the health department, 12 are for repealing the gun ordinance, six were against it and one person was unsure.

Face it, gun grabbers. When 2/3rds of the County Health Department says “The bad people are already bringing guns in, we should be able to carry as well,” you’ve lost.

The next vote will be on October 6th.


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  1. That is good news and hope it passes on the next vote!