They have no respect for you life, either

We all know that criminals have no respect for your property. What about your life?

The theft of a car and a crash that sent one person to a hospital led to a manhunt by Raleigh and Cary police Thursday morning, the arrest of one man after a foot chase and police seeking two others.

He was so intent on getting away that he was willing to cause a car crash in the process. Did he care that the people in the other car might die? Not a bit.


Note the firearm crimes. Given what you now know about him. if you surprised him stealing your car and he stuck a gun in your face, would you trust him not to shoot you if you let him take the car?

Just give the criminals what they are asking for, they say. And when you end up dead because of it, then what?

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  1. But the left will be happy… sigh