Maybe it’s time to do another t-shirt run

It looks like CSGV is planning on abusing the English language again in an attempt to raise some cash.


As Joe Huffman points out:

The “well regulated” part of the Second Amendment has been explained so many times that the only way someone who follows the issue could be unaware of true meaning of this is if they put significant effort into denial. For example in the Heller Decision we find (pages 23 and 24):

Finally, the adjective “well-regulated” implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training. See Johnson 1619 (“Regulate”: “To adjust by rule or method”); Rawle 121–122; cf. Va. Declaration of Rights §13 (1776), in 7 Thorpe 3812, 3814 (referring to “a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms”).

So Everitt, mocking people for failure to understand the meaning of “well regulated”, gets it totally wrong himself.

So maybe I need to do my own shirt. I have a phrase I trot out whenever people try out the “Well Regulated” gambit.

“Well Regulated” means “Subject to Lots of Laws” in exactly the same way that “Infantry” means “Filled with Children.”

I think I could sell 250 shirts faster than CSGV. And I promise to spend all my money on ammo and guns.

There’s a nice 9mm Walther PPQ down at Fuquay Gold and Guns…

4 responses to “Maybe it’s time to do another t-shirt run

  1. Do it. I’d buy one.

    Something other then black, though, like the ATF shirts. I hate black shirts. *Jedi mind wave * 🙂

  2. We’ll regulated is clearly defined in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16, but you’d have to keep reading the Constitution to know that.

  3. Teespring would let you create the design, it’d only sell after x number of orders, and you could even go a step further and give the profits to GRNC or something else like that.

  4. Put me down for one!