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Found dead in his SUV

I wonder what happened here?

Police found a 25-year-old man shot to death early Wednesday in a car near Concord and Cecil streets, officials said.

Let’s see if there are any clues.


Do you see anything that might indicate what he would have been early on Wednesday morning?

Looking for Mr. Stabby

He got stabby, now the cops are looking for him.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are seeking the public’s help again to find a suspect in the Nov. 14 stabbings of two people on the 5400 block of Albemarle Road.

And who would take a stab at two people?


The same sort of person who would be convicted of arson and felony animal cruelty.

Stealing tablet computers

I guess just getting a job is too industrious for this crook.

In one week, police charged, a man was able to take 24 tablet computers from a Target store in order to sell them for $50 apiece.

And who steals computer tablets from Target?


Pretty much who you’d expect to.

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 19


Episode 19 is up! It’s the last episode of 2014 so get it while it’s hot!

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The next Ferguson?

Oh, dear. Another black man killed by cops? This time in Sanford, NC?

His friends and family say (Suspect) had been working and staying out of trouble before he was shot and killed by police in his home in Sanford on Wednesday afternoon. But police say officers went there to arrest (Suspect) on charges he shot and robbed a man five days earlier.

Oh, dear. The cops say he was a criminal, while his friends all say what a nice guy he was.


His record says otherwise. Maybe that’s why we aren’t seeing riots in Sanford.

Dry Fire works

I’ve been shooting some IDPA matches locally. But instead of following the general trend of considering the IDPA match to be my practice, I asked a friend, Ben from Triangle Tactical Podcast, to teach me how to dry fire practice. He suggested three drills that I can do at home for a total of 15 minutes. He suggested that I do it at least three times a week, but more would be better.

  1. Draw from concealment and “fire” a single shot at 10 yards – 3 minutes.
  2. Simulate a mag change. Start pointing at the target, no mag in the handgun, pistol cocked. Push the mag release, insert fresh mag, point at target and “fire” a single shot.
  3. From behind cover (in my case a trash can tower) draw from concealment, “fire” two shots at each of three targets, using cover. Reload and “fire” two shots at each of the same three targets from the other side of cover.

Here’s a photo of the “trash can tower” I’m using to simulate “cover” to shoot around.

IDPA trash can tower

And you can see that I really don’t have 10 yards inside my house, so I’m using some really inexpensive 1/3rd scale IDPA targets sold by Ben Stoeger. At $10 and free shipping, it’s the cheapest training you’ll ever get in handgun shooting. Instead of having to stand at 10 yards from the targets, I can stand 10 feet away. And anyone can find 10 feet in a hallway. And if you really want to get spendy, you can buy some dummy bullets to put in your magazines so that the weight is correct. NEVER use real bullets for this.

So, how do I know it works? Because I just finished shooting the IDPA match for the month. The previous match I shot, I came in 37 out of 49.

IDPA Scores Dec 2014

This time I’m #7 out of 16. But more than that, I could see how I was shooting differently. Instead of looking at the targets to see how I was hitting, I just watched my sights, pulled the trigger when they were on the target, and then moved on to the next target. I rarely had a problem. Didn’t hit a single “no shoot.” Wasn’t down very many points at all, in fact.

Dry fire works. It’s cheap. And you don’t even need to leave your house to do it.

Thanks, Ben!

For a primer on dry fire safety, check out this article on The Cornered Cat.

UPDATE: Here’s some printable USPSA dry fire targets.

It takes a special person to shoot at a cop

Ordinary citizens do not shoot at cops who pull them over.

Investigators think (Suspect) intended to kill a Wake County sheriff’s deputy Sunday night when he fired a gunshot that pierced the windshield on the driver’s side of the officer’s patrol car.

Wake County sheriff’s deputies said (Suspect), 18, fired shots at them during a stolen-car chase that ended when the car crashed near Lake Woodard and Terminal drives in Raleigh.

The deputy’s cruiser, a 2012 Dodge Charger, was on display late Monday in front of the Wake County Public Safety Center in downtown Raleigh. Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said the path the bullet took indicated the gunshot was not random.

“It came in through the windshield first and hit a radar device mounted on the dash,” Harrison said.

The black, cylindrical device is about the size of an adult’s fist and mounted near the patrol car’s steering wheel about level with the driver’s heart.

“That’s what stopped the projectile,” Harrison said.

He’s 18 years old, so we can rule out him having a valid NC CHP for the handgun he was using to try to kill the Deputy.


He’s a menace. He can’t follow the rules either on the outside or inside the prison. He’s made his choice. We should make a choice to see that he’s never in a position to harm anyone else again.

Callousness in one way leads to callousness in another

People don’t compartmentalize as well as they generally think they do. Here’s a case in point.

Raleigh police have charged a 30-year-old man with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in connection with a Saturday night crash that killed the driver of a scooter.

So what do I mean?


People who don’t feel any need to follow the law are more likely to get themselves into situations where other people get hurt.

Land dispute leads to shots fired

It’s Hatfields and McCoys out in Hickory, NC.

Catawba County Sheriff’s Office said a man was shot over an ongoing land dispute between two people.

Read it and see if you can see if anything makes sense.


Or if it’s just another criminal being a criminal.

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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 18 is UP!

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