The #GunSense Gun Haters finally have their “Concealed Carry Killer.”

The gun grabbers are forever promising “blood in the streets” whenever we remove their unconstitutional anti-gun laws. They imagine that we live in a world where the only thing keeping average people from murdering each other over parking spots on Black Friday is anti-gun law. Violence Policy Center (“Where Doing Violence to Your Constitutional Rights is Our Policy”) publishes their “study,” Concealed Carry Killers!!!111Eleventy!™ (No link for them) in a weird attempt to frighten the non-gun owning segment of the population into believing that concealed carry permit holders are somehow a threat to the Xanax and boxed wine crowd that makes up the online “activist” base of the gun grabber militia.

Unfortunately for their gun hating ways, VPC’s “study,” is riddled with errors, misdirections, and ends up being an unsuccessful attempt to conceal the fact that concealed carriers are some of the most law abiding people on the planet.

When you dive deep into the actual cases, you find most of them have nothing whatever to do with concealed carry. People who murder their family members in their own home do not need a concealed carry permit to do so. People who kill themselves, likewise. And people who use rifles, shotguns, and other firearms that aren’t suitable for concealment can hardly be blamed on a “permissive” concealed carry permit system.

There’s even one memorable case where they claim a North Carolina CHP holder murdered a cop in Florida. Just one problem. I have a copy of the last CHP database released by North Carolina. This copy of the CHP database includes every single person who has ever so much as applied for a CHP in NC between 1 December of 1995 and 29 September 2013. The killer’s name does not appear at all. He not only didn’t have a CHP, he never even applied for one. But his name still appears on VPC’s Concealed Carry Killerz! list.

Today, however, we find out that the gun grabbers will be warming up their blood dancing shoes. They’ve finally found a NC CHP holder who murdered someone in a public place where it would have been illegal for him to carry without his permit.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY | The handgun a Wilmington man used to exact revenge on his business partners before killing himself was legally purchased.

(Suspect*), 62, was already in possession of a concealed carry permit, so neither a background check nor a waiting period was required when he bought the purple .380-caliber Ruger from BullZeye Shooting Sports on Market Street about 3 p.m. Friday, said New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer.

I have checked that last copy of the CHP database and he does indeed appear on it. His CHP is listed as valid (as of 29 September, when the CHP database was most recently released) and would have expired in September of 2017.

The murder occurred in a public place, at a gas station, and it would have been a Class 2 Misdemeanor for the murderer to have carried this handgun concealed into public to commit what is clearly a premeditated ambush murder. He attempted to murder the victim’s female companion** and succeeded in murdering her unborn child. The punishment for a Class 2 Misdemeanor for a first time offense in NC can be as much as 30 days in County Jail. There are only two possible punishments for premeditated murder, a Class A Felony, in North Carolina. Life without parole, or death. After the passage of North Carolina’s “Unborn Victims of Violence Act,” murder of an unborn child is also a Class A Felony. So that’s two Life without paroles, or two death penalties. If the woman ends up dying that’s three, but if she lives, that’s attempted murder, which is a Class B1 Felony, for which the minimum possible punishment is 12 years in State prison. I sincerely doubt that the extra 30 days in County lock up would have deterred him. Anyone with half an ounce of sense would agree with me on that.

What’s interesting to me is that the killer in this case went and purchased a new firearm to commit these murders. Much will be made of this. The news report is pretty clearly pointing at the lack of “cooling off” period for the purchase of a handgun. But ask yourself. Is it likely that a person who has a NC Concealed Handgun Permit doesn’t already own a handgun? I doubt it. Is it likely that a person who stalked and murdered a man, attempted to murder that man’s female companion, and murdered her unborn child, couldn’t have bided his time until he had the weapon he wanted? I don’t think so.

According to the story, he also applied for and received three “Pistol Purchase Permits.” I have no idea why anyone would do this as a CHP acts as a PPP when purchasing a handgun in North Carolina. But it does point out that the suspect could easily have purchased the murder weapon without having a CHP.

In the end, the murderer took the coward’s way out. He’s saved us the difficulty of putting him to death for his crimes. That’s too bad. I would have cheerfully put a rope around his neck myself.

*It has long been the editorial policy of this blog not to publish the names of criminals and suspects of crimes. Criminals do not deserve fame for their crimes.

**The story doesn’t give a relationship between the murdered victim and the female passenger that is currently in critical condition. Rather than assume, I have chosen to style her as “the victim’s female companion” with no attempt to imply any relationship beyond the fact she happened to be accompanying him on the trip to the gas station. I join with everyone else in praying for her speedy recovery.

5 responses to “The #GunSense Gun Haters finally have their “Concealed Carry Killer.”

  1. Clearly, what is in the heart of a person cannot be disclosed in every background check. That is the core of the false feeling of security that these useless laws create in the general population.

    The killer ignored and violated a large number of existing laws before killing himself.

    In the end, the only use for any of these laws would have been for a prosecutor to use for indictment, prosecution and punishment.

    How many of the 20,000 gun related laws across the country are actually being prosecuted. Why do racists like Bloomberg and his well funded minions need more that interfere with law abiding people…

    Oh… and in this incident, the only thing that could have saved any of the victims and possibly prevented the murder’s own suicide would have been a concealed carry permit holder nearby with the ability to stop the crimes.

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  3. Bat Chain Puller

    I’m pretty old, but I long remember the time when yearly they said, “No one wearing a seatbelt has ever been killed in an automobile crash at less than 60 mph”
    Tings change with increased numbers…you can look it up.

  4. “Oh… and in this incident, the only thing that could have saved any of the victims and possibly prevented the murder’s own suicide would have been a concealed carry permit holder nearby with the ability to stop the crimes.”

    Let’s be real – if this guy was clearly waiting in ambush the chance that another CHL holder could have prevented the murder is tiny.

    The real story behind this is what Sean and yourself noted – a background check can’t detect the seed of violence in all people. BUT the fact remains that statistically CHL holders are among the most law abiding people on the planet. The fact that a murderer had a CHL is a non-story.

    We all know, however, that statistics only matter when they support a person’s opinion – and the VPC and others will use this one example as proof that CHL holders are a menace to society.

  5. Looks like the Chapel Hill guy that shot his 3 neighbors also had a CCP.