The Iron Pipeline

The State of New York is always complaining that we here in NC are feeding the “Iron Pipeline.” Is this what they’re talking about?

A 32-year-old Raleigh man was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in federal prison Monday for his role in a scheme to use stolen credit card numbers to buy large amounts of relatively cheap North Carolina cigarettes and resell them in New York.

Naturally the criminal has a previous record.


Don’t you think that $5.85 a pack in taxes is a bit excessive?

4 responses to “The Iron Pipeline

  1. It would appear that is the real criminal enterprise.

  2. Back when I was driving a truck, I used to stop at Indian reservations to buy my smokes. I was paying 22 bucks a carton for the same ones that were $49 at home (Iowa). That’s a lot of tax. SW talks to people all over and recently told me Marlboro’s are over $10 bucks a pack in NYC. I’d have to quit. How does anyone afford a two pack a day habit? They don’t want people to quit, they want them to pay the tax.

    If you remember, Eric Holder quoted a campaign to vilify cigarettes back in the 90’s and that they should use the same type of campaign against guns.

  3. I think any tax above what is paid for regular items is excessive.

  4. New York cigarette tax laws have helped fund terrorists.

    No joke.

    A couple years ago, some folks in Ocean City, Maryland, were busted for smuggling cigarettes from Virginia up to New York. Apparently at least some of their profits ended up being funneled to terrorists.

    (Fore more info, there’s an article from May 2013 in the Baltimore Sun: “Ocean City cigarette smuggling ring had ties to terror groups, police say”)