Special discount on Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Seminar in Raleigh, NC

If you carry a gun, or even if you don’t carry but want a better understanding of the self defense laws in North Carolina, you owe it to yourself to take Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Seminar in Raleigh, NC on May 3rd, 2015.

I made Andrew a radio spot for the podcast. Check it out.

David Yamane, who took the same seminar I took says it this way,

I highly recommend Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense seminar to anyone who keeps a firearm in their home, who carries or is considering carrying a firearm in public, or who is generally interested in what the law of self -defense is in the United States and how it may be applied in various situations (whether you are a gun owner or not).

I heartily concur. There is an incredible amount of knowledge being handed out in this class, and you should be there to soak it up. The class is currently $99, but if you register after April 3rd, the price goes up to $149.

Now this class would be worth it at the full $149 late registration price, but it’s an incredible deal at $99. And I’m going to make it an even better deal. Andrew has given me a discount code that he says I can share with you. And your friends. And their friends too. Don’t be shy, bring them all. At checkout, use the discount code, “Variety” (as in GunBlog VARIETYcast) for $10 off. If you register right now, you’ll get the class for $89. That’s a screaming good deal.

To pre-register NOW, before the price goes up or the class sells out (A very serious possibility!) go to the pre-registration page.

Click HERE to register for the Seminar

Use Discount Code “Variety” at checkout for your $10 off.

And tell him that Sean sent you!

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