The Glock GripAngle™ is WRONG!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

Glock 1911 grip angle

OMG! Look at that huge difference in grip angles! It’s an offense to John Moses Browning(pbuh)!

Look, we all know that the 1911 grip angle is just more “natural.” It just “points better.”

Now, check out this WWII training film about 1911’s called “Combat Firing with Handguns.” (Click the Link to watch)



Mind Blown


By the way. Take a look at the top picture again. What do you notice about the front of the grips on both handguns? They are at the same angle.

Shoot what you like. Carry what works. If you are asking my opinion on what gun to buy. Get a Glock 19 and carry it. Don’t like that one? Check out the 9mm Sig P320 in the “Compact” size. Same sized as the G19. Don’t like that one? Try the Smith and Wesson M&P 9 compact. Unless you can carry the full sized, and then get that.

Don’t like any of these? Then you’re just too picky. Is gun, not wife (or husband). It chucks metal downrange at high speed. Save being that picky for the person you choose to marry. That will affect your life far more than your choice of carry gun.

Now go practice. I don’t care how good the gun is, it’s your skill that really matters. And you can practice your way to a very high level of skill. So stop worrying about which gun and start worrying about learning how to use it properly.


From McThag, in the comments, an instant meme

Until we've had our ranting

9 responses to “The Glock GripAngle™ is WRONG!

  1. Sir, we know you mean well, but we cannot sleep until we’ve had our ranting.

  2. After a 15 gun shoot out, my wife chose the SR9C as the one for her.

  3. I firmly believe that when people say, “Glocks don’t fit my hand,” they’re really saying,”It’s not what I’m used to and I can’t be bothered.”
    The human hand is a marvelous thing. I’m not unusually dextrous or a Renaissance man, but I can safely operate a screwdriver, a hammer, a baseball, a J-frame, a gearshift, a chainsaw, a Glock, a 1911, a Brown Bess, a shovel, a doorknob, and a keyboard, sometimes in combination in the same day!
    By the way, I don’t carry a Glock. But I think a lot of the Glock bashers are basically Luddites.

  4. I’ve got Glocks and 1911’s in the safe. I tend to carry a 1911 just because I like it better. Like rather than can’t make the Glock work for me.

    I’ve recently grabbed an M&P9 and that’s prolly going to supplant the 1911 just because I’m concerned about rust. That pretty bluing won’t stay pretty for long exposed to Florida heat and perspiration.

    I really haven’t found many full sized pistols that I actively dislike; but they usually have some strange control (like an H&K P7) or really were designed for someone with a different number of fingers than I seem to have (a specific example escapes me).

    In the teeny gun category there’s lots of guns I don’t like and it all seems to center around long creepy heavy triggers and too narrow back-straps.

  5. The front may be the same, but the back is not. Perhaps this is what throws people off.

  6. Meh… They should have never moved passed SAAs… 🙂

  7. Erin Palette

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the fact that the video teaches the ineffective Teacup Grip!

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  9. Hey, this video teaches the ineffective teacup grip!