You know what chaps my ass about the NRA?

Want to know what chaps my ass about the NRA? It’s that the NRA leaders didn’t recognize this meme immediately

Wendell Pierce

and weren’t pushing out on all channels

“Sign up for the NRA right now! If you’re a black man, 18-35, (or a woman, or even if you’re older than 35) and you use discount code ‘WENDELL’ We’ll give you $10 off your first year’s membership with the NRA!


Act NOW and we’ll throw in personalized assistance in getting YOUR STATE’S CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT!!! Want to carry a handgun in your state? Legally? Want to join the ranks of the ‘Good Guys With Guns?’ We want to help!

Those racist cops in Alabama refused to issue Martin Luther King Jr. a concealed handgun permit, but in most states today, thanks to the NRA, if you meet the legal requirements, the cops can’t say no to you!

Go to and use discount code ‘WENDELL’ right now! And we’ll see you at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky!”


But does the NRA do this? No. They sit around with their thumbs up their butts, doing nothing.

Anyone know how to get this to the NRA bigwigs and suggest they give it a try? Maybe a little outreach to the minority community would be a good idea.

3 responses to “You know what chaps my ass about the NRA?

  1. Actually it is a good thing they don’t do a special offer. It can be used for them to say “See? They know they are racist and they are trying to cover it up!”

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