GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 81 – Special Guest: VCDL President Philip Van Cleave

GunBlog VarietyCast

Episode 81 is up!

Joining the permanent contributors is Beth Alcazar with her segment “Pacifiers and Peacemakers.” Beth is a wife, a mother, a competitive shooter, and a firearms industry professional. She also writes the Pacifiers & Peacemakers column for USCCA.

Our Special Guest this week is Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip Van Cleave. Philip tells us how VCDL and Virginia gun owners defeated Bloomberg puppet Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s attack on concealed handgun permit reciprocity. You DO NOT want to miss this interview. Philip tells us how this is an example of what happens when gun owners finally take the time to tell even “their anti-gun legislator” to stop messing with their rights.

Show notes are available HERE!

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