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GunBlog VarietyCast

EP110 GunBlog VarietyCast – Radioactive Riots Forever

It’s like Strawberry Fields, only with more rioting and radiation.

  • Beth is “On Assignment” and will return next week. We explain why in the podcast.
  • Who pulls a knife on someone for “stealing” his begging spot? Who is that beggar you’re giving money to? Sean looks a little deeper while throwing Erin under the bus for an errant slip of the tongue.
  • Barron reminds us of something that Hillary’s Information Technology consultant is learning the hard way: The Internet is Forever. FOREVER.
  • In the Main Topic, Sean and Erin discuss the #NCRiots in Charlotte.
  • In the wake of all the awfulness going around, we need some good news. Tiffany tells us of the story of a good Samaritan with a gun in a Kansas City parking lot.
  • Did you hear about all the radioactive water that leaked into Florida’s aquifer? Erin tells us why we’re all going to die. Or, you know, not.
  • It takes a scientist to take on a scientist. It’s Weer’d vs. Science in this Audio Fisk™ of two Science Vs. podcasts.
  • Our plug of the week is for the Grass Roots North Carolina.

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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 109 – One Aux Port Closes, Another Port Opens

GunBlog VarietyCast

Shh. It’s okay. Just try to relax and enjoy this episode of the GunBlog VarietyCast. You’ll only feel a little pinch…

  • Beth went to frickin’ Crimson Trace where they put frickin’ lasers on frickin’ guns. She’s back to tell all us about it
  • What kind of father takes a .44 Magnum and shoots at his son? What kind of son makes it necessary? Sean takes a closer look.
  • The iPhone 7 loses an aux port and the Galaxy Note 7 loses its cool. Barron tells us which is important and which is just not worth worrying about.
  • Tiffany invites police officer and tactical trainer Chuck Haggard to discuss the very timely issue of police/community relations.
  • You hoped she’d never go there, but she does. What do you do when you need to rehydrate someone but they can’t drink? Yes, the old urban legends are true, and Erin tells you how it works.
  • He’s the anti-gunner’s favorite “gun guy”, but he’s really just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. His interview with Boston Public Radio gets its very own Patented Weer’d Audio Fisk™.
  • Our plug of the week is for the Gun Rights Policy Conference Livestream at
  • And a special thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Remington Ammunition and Lucky

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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 108 – This Is the Intro That Never Ends

GunBlog VarietyCast

Yes, it goes on and on my friend. Your co-hosts started bantering, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue talking forever just because…

  • Do shooting ranges for women exist? Of course! But they aren’t “Barbie’s Dream Range”. Beth speaks with Kim Condon, the owner of Boondocks Firearms Training Academy, about her female-friendly range.
  • In Felons Behaving Badly, friend of the show George sends in a story titled “Two men accused of breaking into Union County chief deputy’s home in custody.” You’ll never guess what Sean finds out.
  • ITT Tech got their federal student aid money spout cut off, and Barron tells us what that means for its students and graduates.
  • In our main topic, Sean talks with Bob Mayne of Handgun World Podcast, the co-founder of Self Defense Radio Network.
  • We all love a good movie, and Tiffany tells us how sharing that movie magic can help us bridge the gap between gun people and non-gun people.
  • Did you know it was National Preparedness Month? Prepping is going mainstream and Erin tells us how that happened.
  • We all thought it was dead and gone, but suddenly, it’s back!  … but not better than ever. Loaded Conversations drags a half-finished podcast off the ash pile and serves it up for another Patented Weer’d Audio Fisk™.
  • And our plug of the week is for RoadID. See the show notes for a $5 off coupon.

Show Notes are available HERE

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 107 – Budget Little Black Dress Rifles on Campus

GunBlog VarietyCast

Episode 107 – Budget Little Black Dress Rifles on Campus


  • Pacifiers & Peacemakers – Small Caliber: The Little Black Gun
  • Felons Behaving Badly – Man charged with murder after NC grandmother killed in home invasion
  • Tech Tips with The Barron  – Trident
  • Main Topic – The Ruger American Rifle at Walmart
  • The Bridge –  Campus Carry and the Grey (Wo)Man
  • Blue Collar Prepping – Good Survival TV
  • This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery – Maura Healey: Lazy and Stupid, or Liar?
  • Plug of the Week – The Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School series by Gail Carriger
  • Our Sponsor – and

Show notes available HERE!